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Premium Cool Gel Pillow

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  • Comfy sleep: Sleep cool and comfortable with our new Premium Cool Gel Pillow pillow, made of a responsive and conforming memory foam infused with temperature-regulating gel.
  • Unique design: The hole-punch design of this cooling pillow promotes airflow and ventilation to help disperse body heat and keep you cool and comfortable all night long.
  • Mellow touch: Our unique memory foam is soft to the touch while still being supportive to help align your spine and reduce aches and pain.
  • Includes: This bed pillow includes a super soft zipper-removable pillowcase for easy machine-washing.


Tired of constantly flipping to the cool side of the pillow?

If this is the case, you're not alone. Our Premium Cool Gel Pillow offers the perfect balance of pressure relief and support - providing the utmost relaxing and soothing sleep. This pillow has open-cell memory foam which is more porous than alternatives, meaning air is better able to travel throughout the material and dissipate body heat, regulating your body temperature.

That’s why this Premium Cool Gel Pillow is considered a ‘high profile’ pillow with a responsive and conforming memory foam design that helps stay cool and comfy at night.


Say goodbye to hot heads and sweats during sleep!

Time to Relax! This Premium Cool Gel Pillow is the coolest pillow on the market - literally! When your head hits the pillow, you’re in for a guaranteed, calm, cool, and collected sleep with the incredible cooling pillow!

The best part is it’s reversible, which means it can serve you all year round. For warmer nights, you can keep cool with a gel layer on one side, which helps to disperse heat and promote airflow. On colder nights, just flip it over, and you are good to go!


Still not convinced yet? Here are more reasons to grab your own!

  • More advanced than regular alternatives.
  • Easy to use and wash.
  • Comfy, soft, and durable
  • Perfect for people who have trouble sleeping
  • Adjustable to different seasons.


Getting a good night's sleep is not a struggle anymore. Add the Premium Cool Gel Pillow to your cart TODAY!

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