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Buy Mattress Online from Solara

A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone and your bed mattress plays an important role in providing you with quality sleep. Hence, you must consider multiple factors before purchasing a bed mattress online. Sometimes, we may not have enough time to physically go to a mattress store, and choose what's best for us, that’s why Solara, one of the best mattress brands in India has made this process simple and easy for you. Now, to buy a mattress online in India, all you need to do is go to our website, check out different mattress styles and their durability, compare mattress prices and relevant factors such as design and comfort and shop away!

Shopping for a Custom-Size Mattress

One important aspect to remember while looking for an online mattress is the size. In a conventional store, you can choose a mattress according to your bed size, similarly, you can pick a custom mattress according to your bed frame online. Buy a mattress in India that’s custom-made to fit your space and is designed to suit your needs.

Purchase Solara Mattress Online in India

Online mattress shopping can be a cumbersome task for many. At Solara, we ensure that this experience is both fun and easy. You can find a range of mattresses that suit a variety of age groups, from the young to the old and even married couples. Whether you require an Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress, a Dual Comfort Mattress, a Latex Mattress or even a Foam Spring Mattress, at Solara, we have got you covered.

Solara Bed Mattress Price in India

At Solara, your comfort means everything to us. We aim to offer superior quality products at the best prices. Our mattress prices are based on the width, size and quantity of the mattresses. Check Solara’s range of mattresses today!

Solara Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

The orthopaedic memory foam mattress by Solara retains the shape of the sleeper and provides them with pressure relief. Made of breathable fabric, the mattress ensures healthy spinal alignment and even weight distribution. Memory foam mattresses also contour the shape of our body to give a hug-like feeling and ensure you have sound sleep. There are a variety of memory foam mattresses ranging from gel-based memory foam mattresses that are made of liquid gel beads infused with foam, to plant-based memory foam mattresses with plant products that provide a cooling feel.

Solara Dual Comfort Mattress

The Dual Comfort Mattress by Solara brings you the best of both worlds. Both sides of the mattresses are usable and functional. Where one side is firm and is better suited for you during winters, the other side is soft and comes in handy during the summers. Thanks to your dual comfort mattress, the change of the seasons will not have any effect on your sleep. A good night’s sleep ensures that you have a healthy and productive day, with this mattress, you can say goodbye to sleepless nights!

Solara Latex Mattress

Solara’s Latex foam mattresses are for those who are looking for more sustainable options when it comes to their sleep matters. For eco-conscious sleepers, we have created latex mattresses that are made from firm rubbery materials that are durable in nature. The latex mattresses are usually made from two types of latex foam, Dunlop and Talalay. While Dunlop is quite dense in nature, Talalay is flexible and offers a softer feel. With Solara’s Latex mattresses, you can ensure quality sleep knowing you have chosen an eco-friendly solution.

Solara Foam Spring Mattress

Foam spring mattresses have the goodness of both foam and spring mattresses. They combine the positive features of a spring mattress such as the bouncy feeling, great airflow and cooling effect and the benefits of foam mattresses which are, ensuring a firm grip to the back, and offering pressure relief to the spinal cord. Together, the foam spring mattress is designed for those who want durability, firmness and better comfort.

Buy Solara Products
SOLARA is based out of Silicon Valley USA with roots in India. We sell directly to our valued customers cutting down all the layers. It is founded by a group of Amazon alumni to bring quality products to the Indian market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattresses :

1.How can one choose the right type of mattress for themselves?
The right type of mattress for you depends on the following factors

  • Body types
  • Pain-relieving 
  • Durability
  • Firmness
  • Price
  • Comfort


2. What type of mattress is good for back pains?
A foam mattress is preferred for pressure relief and as it also allows for a neutral spine alignment.

3. Is it possible to know if your mattress is too firm?
Often, when your mattress is too firm you might find yourself waking up with pains in your back, shoulder or neck joints. It is then that you realise that the mattress is unsuitable for your needs and hence you make a shift to an option that's more suited to your needs.