Ultra Wide Ab Roller

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Solara Ultra-Wide Ab Roller for Men | Non-slip Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workouts | Ab Roller for Women with A Knee Pad Extra Thick
  • Ab wheel with non-slip TPR coating to avoid unwarranted slips or wobbles
  • Ultra-wide ab wheel having automatic rebound & sturdy design

  • Safe & Effective for in-house muscle and abdominal training

  • Free Mobile app with hundreds of videos and eBooks

SOLARA offers a portable skipping rope to help keep the leg muscles toned. It comes in handy as a necessary equipment for weight-loss or warm-up routines.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Anand Patil
Sturdy product and works for oblique muscles

It is an amazing quality Ab roller. Feels very sturdy and gives full confidence to push far away from your knees. The good part is that you can angle it on both sides to work you oblique muscles. The skipping rope quality is also very good. The delight was that delivery was before time as well :-)

ankit jain
Better than the best

The roller is best in class. I have weight of 80 kg and it handle perfectly.. no issue with the quality..perfect buy

Best quality ab roller

Easy to assemble and fleels very sturdy and gives full confidence to push far away from your knees. The good part is that you can angle it on both sides to work you oblique muscles. Also skipping rope quality is very good

Kiran Peri
Genuinely liked this product

Pros: It is safe to roll even for elders. The benefit with this ab roller is you can even roll to side ways to build lats. Skipping rope quality is very good. Cons: Knee pad is good and dense but small in size. It would have been better with a little higher dimensions kneepad. would definitely recommend this ab roller.

Carve Your Abdominals into A Healthy Six-Pack

Let Solara help you set your foot right as you begin on your core-muscle carving journey. We bring you a 40-page e-book and 8 fitness videos to understand and learn more about the core training exercise routines and all related to it.

“Nothing will work unless you do!” Six-pack abs don’t pop right up by just working out on your imagination all time. You need to get down, work hard and earn stellar abs by breaking sweat.

SOLARA Ab Roller - Upgrade your six pack game

  • Ultra-Wide Wheel To leave No Abdominal Muscle Untoned

    Solara’s Ab Roller acts as a personal fitness trainer and helps you achieve your body goals. It has an ultra-wide ab wheel made up of stainless steel and high-density PVC rubber, which allows you to sculpt your abs the way you want. The wheel’s outer coating of non-slip TPR assures that its movements remain fluid and stable, without causing any damage to you or the floor.

  • Grip Handles That Look After Your Safety & Comfort

    The Solara Ab Roller set comes with two robust handles, capable of withstanding forces as strong as 440lb (or, 220kg). They are equipped with EVA rubber padding, which cushions your grip at the point of contact on each handle. This makes the workout drills with the ab roller easy and comfortable. And overall, they have a positive (enhancing) effect on muscle activation of the arms.

  • Ergonomic Design & Easy to Assemble

    The two handles (L&R) easily fit onto the ab wheel, making the Solara Ab Roller ready to use in two quick steps. Unlike the other heavy-duty gym equipment, it is convenient to carry around and occupies little-to-less space in your home-gym. The ultra-wide wheel has a well-balanced, sturdy design and supplies the right amount of extension and contraction to your abs. Moreover, you can incorporate the ab roller into any of your workout routines.

  • Solara Ab Roller Cuts the Negative Force on Your Lower Back

    The ab roller has a built-in spring inside, which comes into play when the wheel is pushed in the forward direction. The spring works as a kinetic engine and creates an automatic rebound, bringing the wheel back to the starting position. In this way, the ab roller eliminates the negative force in an exercise, which may put unnecessary pressure on your lower back. It is suitable for adults belonging to any age category.

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