Benefits of Turmeric Milk For Weight Loss

Benefits of Turmeric Milk For Weight Loss

For generations, our grandmother’s recipe of Haldi doodh or turmeric milk has been our go-to solution for the common flu or cough situation at home. A pinch of turmeric in a warm glass of milk can help cure health ailments as it contains therapeutic and medicinal properties. But, what if we also told you that turmeric milk resolves issues related to weight loss? Yes, it's true, turmeric contains an antioxidant called curcumin that is known for its inflammatory properties that helps in weight loss.

If you are curious to know how a simple ingredient available in our home kitchens can help in weight loss, read along!

6 Benefits Of Turmeric Milk for Weight Loss

1.Breaking down accumulated fats
Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory agents, fatty acids and antioxidants such as curcumin. When consumed along with warm milk, the heat released from this can help break down accumulated fats and fasten weight loss. You could even add cinnamon and ginger to the mixture for improved taste.

2. Helps boost metabolism
Turmeric also helps in boosting metabolism by increasing bile production in the body. It contains thermogenic components that improve metabolic activity and thus burn calories.

3. Regulates sugar levels
Tumeric helps regulate sugar levels in the body thereby preventing insulin resistance. This process prevents the excess fat from retaining in the body.

4. Great for digestion
Proper digestion is important for a healthy lifestyle. When we resort to multiple diets and ways to lose weight it creates indigestion in the body. Haldi milk helps you restore digestion thereby accelerating weight loss.

5. Good source of protein

Turmeric milk can be included in a protein-rich diet. This combination is a good source of protein and calcium and aids weight loss.

6. Reduces metabolic conditions
Curcumin, an antioxidant present in turmeric, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps lower high blood sugar levels and inflammatory conditions in muscle cells.

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How To Consume Milk with Turmeric?

Turmeric milk also known as golden milk can cure numerous health ailments. From helping improve acne and skin problems to improving our sleep quality and acting as an immunity booster, it can do it all.

Here is how you can make this magical turmeric milk for weight loss:
1. Boil a cup of hot milk for five to six minutes.
2. Add turmeric to the cup of hot milk and mix it well.
3. The milk is ready for consumption
4. You could add additional flavours to the milk such as a pinch of cinnamon powder or grate some ginger.
5. You could even add honey or jaggery that act as natural sweeteners to improve the taste of turmeric milk.


How Does Turmeric Milk Work For Weight Loss?

Turmeric milk or Haldi doodh contains antioxidants such as curcumin and many active ingredients and mineral components that act as natural immunity boosters and tonic for the body. Benefits of turmeric milk at night range from improving health ailments, to helping improve metabolic conditions and contributing to a good night’s sleep. Turmeric milk also improves metabolism.

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There are several ​​benefits of turmeric milk for weight loss. A pinch of turmeric in a warm cup of milk at night might just be the thing you need for proper weight management. There are many ways to prepare this golden milk, all you need to do is choose the one that suits your taste the best. We hope that the above-mentioned benefits of Haldi milk inspire you to include this super ‘power milk’ in your diet.


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