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Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app
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Rs. 5,499.00
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Rs. 5,499.00
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Rs. 7,999.00
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 SOLARA Air Fryer having Rapid Air Technology & LCD Touch Screen || 100-recipe eBook for Indian Dishes & 20+ Video Guide

  • Faster cooking with an in-built fan & exhaustive heating mechanism
  • Suitable for a family of 4-5 with a 5.5L detachable basket
  • Easy 7 preset options to cook fries, pizza, shrimp, cake, chicken, etc.
  • Safe-to-use basket with a cool-touch handle having a guard lock   

Solara Digital Air Fryer for Home Kitchen with mobile app

Regular price
Rs. 5,499.00
Sale price
Rs. 5,499.00
Regular price
Rs. 7,999.00
Sold out
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Grill, bake, roast & toast to your heart’s content!

Worried about your cholesterol levels rising? It’s time you put a check on the amount of oil you consume. Just switch to Solara! Focus on your health but no need to compromise with what makes you happy. No going on extreme diets!

Solara offers an ebook of 100 delicious recipes and 10+ videos to completely end your dependence on oil. Both are available in 5 local Indian languages.

  • Has your busy schedule got you addicted to unhealthy diets?

    You can’t resist your cravings all the time. Work stress can be overwhelming. And a snack break can seem like one tantalizing option. But fast treats are often way too oily. With the Solara Air Fryer, you can prepare your favorite dishes with 85% less oil. Quit the traditional frying method. It takes too long to cook and too much oil.

  • Prepare evening snacks for kids in 30 minutes or less

    As soon as your kids return from school, they demand something to eat. But what if you are in the middle of some work? The Solara Air Fryer helps you cook healthy snacks in no time. Serve them warm. And watch your kids relish some delicious, oil-free food as you get back to work tension-free. The air fryer has an in-built fan which makes cooking faster.

  • Do you order fast foods from outside frequently?

    Not a pro at cooking but quite a foodie who loves to eat. Why not try a hand at cooking yourself? With the Solara Air Fryer, you can turn into a chef overnight. It has 7 pre-set cooking modes that enable you to prepare restaurant-like food at home. These modes automatically regulate temperature conditions and time taken. They include French Fries, Pizza, Shrimp, Cake, Chicken, Steak, and fish.

  • Make yummy desserts

    You can bake in the Air Fryer and you can bake this delicious cake in an Air Fryer as well. Especially when you are looking for a small cake this is for you. Done in no time. So are you ready to learn how to make Air Fryer lemon cake?

Why Solara Digital Air Fryer are The best Option

Experience The Difference

  • Other Brands
  • Shatter-resistant

  • Lid-lock & Silicone O-ring seal

  • Food grade & BPA free plastic

  • Portable strap

  • Light-weight

  • Eco-friendly

  • Indian Brand

  • Wide mouth opening

  • SOLARA Promise

  • Mobile app

Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Shaleen Randheliya
Very good product and product for money

Nice product arrived on time,does everything an airfryer does at a very discounted price.

Tushar Jain
Very good and value for money

I got my solara air fryer yesterday and my family is mad over it. They just want to eat Heathy things. We have tried French fries, makhana roast, bread cutlet, potato roast and cake. Everything turned so good that we love it. Attached the photos of bread rolls with 4 drops of oil. And it was very crisp As rightly mentioned less or no oil. We tried both and both works fantastically. Important thing sound of this air fryer is very less, you Don,t feel something is running. Great work Solara Team...

ankit gupta
Good and Worthy Product

I have purchased Solara XL Air fryer, Quality is good, Easy to handle and Worth for the Price, Fully Digital. I was considering to look for Philips but Solara Air fryer is bigger, better and fully digital. Customer support is also good and easily reachable. Kudos to Solora!!! Would say Go for it. Delivery is Fast. and Packaging was also good.

Sarvatej shetty
Enjoy healthy cooking

Recently baked French fries with no oil # baked at 200 for 17 mins# Fantastic results# very well cooked#crisp and tasty same as normal way#Eat hot and healthier way..#Nice product#Easy to use, maintenance and affordable

Mayukh Goswami
Amazing buy

Can be used easily and cooks great food.


Can I bake in the Solara Air Fryer?
A - Yes. You can bake delicacies such as chocolate cake, cinnamon rolls, cookies, etc. However, we suggest that you consult the recipes once and check whether or not the use of an air fryer is recommended for them.
What all can I cook in the Solara Air Fryer?
A - You can grill, bake, roast and toast all kinds of food and, that too, with minimal use of oil. Treat yourself to some toothsome snacks like burgers or vegetable patties, pizza, bread rolls, vegetable falafel, and cutlets. Fry items include cashew & peanut fries, bendakaya fries, potato wedges, onion pakoras, banana chips, French fries, etc. Paneer tikka, chilli paneer, desserts, and cakes can be made too. You can also prepare non-veg items including fish, shrimp, chicken pops and drumsticks, chicken skewers, juicy steak, etc.
How do I know the Solara Air Fryer is safe?  What if it overheats?
A - The Solara Air Fryer is equipped with an automatic shut-off function to deal with overheating. It is ETL-listed and complies with FDA safety technology. The fryer also has a timer that beeps a few times, once it reaches the set time limit. Plus, it has an anti-skid bottom that restricts any undue movement during cooking.
Can I use glassware in the Solara Air Fryer?
A - You can use any dishes and molds, made up of glass, ceramic metal or silicone, in the Solara Air Fryer as long as they are oven-proof.
Do I need cooking liners to use the Solara Air Fryer?
A - You don’t require liners to use the Solara Air Fryer. But they have a few benefits. They can prevent food from sticking to the plate or sliding through it. Yet, it is best to consult the manufacturer's user guide once.
If I have a query related to the product, where do I go?
A - We at Solara operate on a customer-first philosophy. If you have any queries regarding the product, reach out to us through Amazon seller support or at - we are open 24/7 to help you. You can also contact us at (+91)9676332222, between 7:00 am - 11:00 pm (IST).
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