How can I register a warranty for my product?

Given that we have a wide range of products at SOLARA, please refer to the website for the warranty given on each product. To register and claim for warranty, you can sign up here: https://www.solara.in/pages/product-registration. Once you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email for the same along with eBooks (for certain products).

How/When can I claim warranty for my product?

  1. You can claim for warranty only if you have registered the product for it within a week of receiving the product. 
  2. In case you are facing an issue with your product, please contact us at support@solara.in and our team will be happy to address your concern within 48 hours. 
  3. Make sure to include the order information along with a photo and video of the issue. 
  4. Only the damaged part can be replaced and not the full product.
  5. Each product is replaced only once under warranty. 
  6. As with all other brands, wear and tear of the product is not covered in warranty. 
    1. Examples - Yoga mat used with shoes 
    2. Water Bottles - Paint peeling due to rough surfaces, broken due to fall
    3. Air Fryer - Mishandling, High Voltage Issues 
    4. Loss of part of the product 
    5. Above are just illustrative examples and not comprehensive. 
  7. Sole discretion of Warranty processing lies with the SOLARA team. 

Note: Refunds are not processed under warranty, we can only issue a replacement.


Warranty Period


10 Years

Kitchen Appliances

1 Year

Resistance Bands 


Fitness Products

1 Year

Any other product

1 year

VIP registration is valid for another 6 months.