10 Lemon Tea Benefits for Good Health

10 Lemon Tea Benefits for Good Health | Solara Home

10 Lemon Tea Benefits for Good Health

If there is ever a drink whose job is to do wonders for you, it's Lemon Tea and if you have not heard about this brilliant concoction then you are probably living under a rock. A few drops of lemon when squeezed in water can elevate your mood and provide a ton of health benefits. Not only does lemon tea help you in your weight loss journey, but it also improves digestion, prevents heartburn and improves skin glow.

Let’s learn about how you can incorporate lemon tea into your daily life and check out some benefits of lemon tea.

What are the Health Benefits of Lemon Tea?

1. Improves metabolism
Lemon tea is a thirst quencher. Each time you choose lemon tea over a can of soda or a sugary beverage you are choosing good health. A cup of lemon tea helps you digest food, and flush out toxins from your body, it helps in reducing body fat and regulates insulin levels in your body.

2. Improves immunity
Lemon contains vitamin C, which helps our body become stronger and fights off bacteria. It improves our immunity in our body. It lowers the risk of infection and protects our bodies from many diseases

3. Contains anti-inflammatory properties
A mix of ginger and lemon tea can keep you satiated for a long time. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that help boost the immune system and fight off disease-causing bacteria.

4. Aids in weight loss
Lemon tea naturally contains the least amount of calories in the tea hence it helps in weight loss. It helps in digestion of the food, detoxification of kidneys and liver and keeps our body strong. Additionally, it helps to reduce bloating and resolves digestion issues.

5. Helps improves skin
Lemon tea does wonders for your skin. Apart from hydrating, nourishing and flushing out toxins, lemon tea actually looks after our skin. Vitamin C present in the lemon brightens up our skin, and most importantly slows down ageing by increasing collagen production.

6. Helps in regulating blood sugar
People suffering from diabetes or blood-sugar-related diseases can take lemon tea for its benefits. Both lemon tea and leaf can help with insulin synthesis and control the sudden rise in the blood sugar levels in the body. It also helps maintain the regular blood-sugar levels in the body.

7. Helps to cure coughs and cold
Consuming lemon tea with a dash of honey can provide relief to the throat when suffering from common colds, phlegm and sore throat. It also resolves problems related to body pains and headaches.

8. Improves heart health
If you are still facing questions like is lemon tea good for health? Then the answer is yes. In fact, fruits like lemon contain plant flavonoids such as hesperidin and diosmin, which help lower cholesterol. Lemon tea can prevent stress, alleviates mood and boosts health.

9. Helps to fight anxiety
The benefits of lemon tea exist beyond the realm of our physical body, it also provides benefits for our mental health. A cup of lemon tea a day boosts brain health, helps reduce anxiety, alleviates our mood, improves memory and alleviates symptoms of depression and anxiety.

10 .Helps reduce inflamed gums
If you are suffering from problems with swollen gums then the vitamin C present in lemon can help reduce pain.

Are there disadvantages to drinking lemon water on an empty stomach?

There are a ton of health benefits to consuming lemon tea. However, consuming anything in excess can be disadvantageous for our health. Some things you need to be mindful of while consuming lemon tea are:

  1. If individuals are suffering from heartburn, it can aggravate the symptoms due to the acidic nature of lemons. Hence, it must be consumed with some precautions in such cases.
  2. Lemon juice can cause the enamel of your teeth to wear off hence, enough water must be added to the juice to dilute it before consumption.
  3. Excessive consumption of lemon juice can trigger some already existing medical issues, hence it must be consumed in lower quantities. 

How to make a simple lemon tea at home?

  1. Lemon juice can be squeezed into a glass of warm water and consumed throughout the day.
  2. The second way of lemon leaf tea benefits your diet is by squeezing a few drops of lemon into green tea or black tea.
  3. Grated lemon peel can be added to a pot of boiling water or tea for consumption. Alternatively, you can heat water in a Electric kettle and add lemon peel later.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can lemon tea be consumed at night?
Yes, lemon tea can be consumed 1-2 times a day. It has a ton of health benefits.

2. When comparing lemon tea or green tea, which is better to consume?
Both lemon tea and green tea are good for your health. They help in digestion, promote good health, and help you calm and sleep well.

3. Is it a good idea to drink Lemon Tea Every Day?
Yes, it is safe to consume lemon tea every day.


Lemon tea has a lot of health benefits and can be consumed 1-2 times a day. When combined with exercises, it can help you be in the best shape both mind and body-wise. You can always include simple exercises such as performing yoga by using good-quality yoga mats or resistance bands to work out. 


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