Benefits of drinking hot water for skin

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Benefits of drinking hot water for skin

The quality of our skin is the culmination of our nutrition intake, water and fitness. While the food we eat provides nutrients to our body, working out helps us sweat. This sweating releases toxin from our body and dirt that's on the surface of our skin, thus leaving the pores clean and our skin feeling soft. Another element that is important in maintaining healthy skin is water. Water keeps us hydrated, and flushes out harmful substances from our body leaving us with healthy skin and body. To heat hot water you can use a good quality premium electric kettle.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of drinking hot water for the skin:

Promotes weight loss

Having a cup of hot or warm water the first thing in the morning helps in bowel movements. It also flushes out any toxic substances or bacteria that are present in our bodies. Drinking hot water increases the body temperature which helps us sweat and promotes weight loss. The benefits of drinking warm water for the skin also cleansing our body and reducing cholesterol levels. To improve your digestion you can also add lemon and honey to the water.

Aids in detoxification

Drinking hot water just after waking up and right before sleep can cleanse out the toxins from our bodies. When this routine is followed continuously you will notice that skin will glow and the skin is hydrated.

Helps keep acne and pimples at bay

Unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits can lead to acne and pimples on this skin. Having hot water twice a day will ensure that our body is hydrated and our skin retains its natural moisture. It improves blood circulation in the body and cleanses the body from the inside.

Helps us fight premature ageing

We live a fast-paced life and it often gets difficult to eat the right food and maintain a balanced lifestyle. However, some things can be easily followed and when done religiously have positive benefits on our body, drinking hot water is one such practice. Drinking hot water benefits for skin are aplenty and one such benefit is that it helps fight premature ageing. It helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and flushes out harmful bacteria from the body. This way we can naturally maintain the quality of our skin.

Helps us maintain shiny hair

Not a lot of people believe this but warm water benefits the face and also benefits our hair. When we consume hot water regularly it energizes the roots of our hair, nourishes the scalp and keeps it hydrated. Additionally, it keeps our hair smooth and maintains hair quality. For this to happen, we must drink hot water at least twice a day at the minimum.

Frequently Asked QuestionsΒ 

Should I drink hot water every day?
Yes, it is recommended that you think about 6-8 glasses of water in a day. You can begin your day by drinking hot water, also have the drink a couple of times during the day and for sure consume hot water before you sleep. Drinking this will help you improve your metabolism, and digestion and keep you hydrated.

Is it true that warm water benefits our face?
Yes, drinking hot water increases the metabolic rate of our body, food is digested better and it also helps flush out toxins from our body. This helps to keep the face supple and moisturized.

Is it possible to drink hot water before bed?
Yes, it is possible. When you drink hot water at night you are detoxifying your body before you go to bed. This is work on your body whilst you are asleep you will wake up with soft and hydrated skin the next day.

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