5 Benefits of mosambi juice (Sweet Lime Juice)

5 Benefits of mosambi juice (Sweet Lime Juice)

 Benefits of mosambi juice

Summertime calls for fresh fruit juices made with ice cold water at home. If you are looking for juices to make at home Mosambi, a.k.a sweet lime juice is refreshing, simple to make and a crowd favourite. Not only is sweet lime juice good for health, it contains antioxidants, vitamins that improve health, prevent diseases and help in digestion.

Let us take a look at some advantages of having sweet lime juice, understand its uses and learn about the importance of having sweet lime juice.

What is Sweet lime? How is it different from lemon?

Sweet lime is a round-shaped fruit that is green on the outside and orangish yellow on the inside. It is slightly tangy as compared to lemon and sweet when consumed as juice. Lemon on the other hand is sour in taste and yellow and oval in colour and shape.

What are the Nutrients in Sweet lime?

Like all citrus fruits, sweet limes contain citric acid. They also contain proteins, fats, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron, calcium and potassium.

What are Some of the Benefits of Sweet Lime?

1. Helps us fight common cold
One of the benefits of mosambi juice is that it helps us build immunity. Mosambi juice is a good source of Vitamin C and antioxidants which help cut through the cough or cold.

2. Sweet lime benefits in weight loss
Sweet lime juice is full of fiber, it contains very little fat and hence aids in the weight loss journey. One to two glasses of mosambi juice without any added sugars can keep you hydrated after your workouts and help shed those extra calories. It also helps maintain cholesterol level and blood pressure of the body.

3. Sweet lemon benefits our bone health
Sweet lime strengthens our bones by providing folic acid. It helps repair tissues, soothes inflammation, improves calcium absorption and helps bone formation in cells. It also helps the body prevent osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Improves digestion
Sweet lime juice is tangy and has a refreshing taste. Not only is it hydrating, it also helps us in digestion and relieves us of constipation. Sweet lime contains fiber which aids in digestion and eases bowel movement

5. Vitamin C in sweet lime juice helps treat ulcers
When we get mouth ulcers, we usually tend to eat more citrus fruits to help ease the pain. Vitamin C in sweet lime is naturally acidic in nature; it reacts with the alkalinity in our body and helps cure ulcers. Sweet lime also has flavonoids that have antioxidants that fight against ulcers.

In How Many ways can you Consume Sweet Lime?

Sweet lime as the name suggests is sweet and tangy in taste. You can have it in its natural element, like directly cut and have it. You can even use it in your salads as a whole fruit or by squeezing the juice in the salad as a seasoning. Lastly, you can even make detox water using sweet lime. The detox water can be easily filled up in infuser water bottles especially designed for detox water and consumed two times in a day.

Given that Mosambi Juice has benefits, How to Make the Juice at Home?

Mosambi or sweet lime juice is fairly simple to make at home. You need a handful of ingredients that are readily available in a kitchen and get started on the recipe below.

1. Squeeze some sweet lime juice in glass, make sure you remove the seeds. Add a few drops of lemon drips if you wish.
2. Now, add sugar, salt (or rock salt), chaat powder, pepper and mix them all.
3. Next, take a few cubes of ice and pour it in the glass, add water and stir it well.
4. You can even add pudina or mint leaves on top to for aesthetics and flavour.
5. Serve when cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Now that we know the benefits of mosambi, should we drink Mosambi juice daily?
Yes, we can consume 1-2 glasses of mosambi juice daily. It builds immunity, helps in blood circulation and improves bone health.

2. Sweet lime juice benefits, sure; but does it have any side effects?
Consuming anything in excess has side effects, the same rule applies to mosambi juice. Having more of sweet lime juice can cause nausea. You must also remember to brush your teeth before sleeping if you have had mosambi juice during the day, since the fruit is acidic in nature it may cause cavities in the teeth.

3. Health benefits of mosambi are aplenty, but is it advisable to consume it at night?
In general, it is not recommended to consume fruits at night before sleep. This is because breaking down of fruits during digestion releases sugar, this gives us energy and may intervene during our sleep.

4. Mosambi benefits our body. But why does the juice taste bitter?
Yes, sweet lime juice has its benefits, however it contains certain enzymes. When these enzymes are exposed to air for too long it turns the juice bitter. That is why it is recommended to have mosambi juice fresh when it is made.

5. Does mosambi fruit benefit our skin?
Yes, mosambi fruit contains antioxidants, nutrients that help to detoxify our body. It moisturises our skin and nourishes it.


Drinking mosambi juice everyday is excellent for our body. It has antioxidants, vitamins, fiber and tons of healthy properties. Sweet lime juice is quite simple to make, it is refreshing and keeps you hydrated. One to two glasses everyday of mosambi juice can help improve your blood circulation and stay fit. You can make it for your friends and family with the recipe shared above. Fill the mosambi juice in a detox water bottle to stay hydrated and healthy.

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