5 Ways to clean a copper water bottle

5 Ways to clean a copper water bottle

In the olden days, our ancestors stored and consumed water from copper vessels. It is believed that this practice kills any microorganisms present in the water, provides health benefits. It also helps maintain the pH level of the body and helps purify the water making it safe for consumption. This tradition is not all lost, these days most people prefer to consume water from copper bottles instead. Copper bottles are easy to store and safe to use too.

Copper bottles when used regularly tend to stain and turn dark due to oxidation over time. If you want to know how you can make the best use of your copper water bottle and how to clean a copper water bottle let's get started!

How to wash a copper water bottle? Read below.

1. Vinegar with salt
Mix 1 spoon of salt with two spoons of vinegar and let the mixture settle. Then slowly rub the mixture on the outside of the bottle using a cotton cloth or a cotton ball. Rinse the mixture thoroughly and wash the bottle. Using a dry cloth, wipe the bottle to avoid any stains. Store the copper bottle in a dry place. Your copper bottle is now all shiny and as good as new.

2. Baking soda with lemon or vinegar
If you are wondering how to clean a copper vessel with baking soda, it's quite simple, let us show you! Take a small amount of baking soda and mix it with lemon juice or vinegar. Rub the mixture on the outside of the bottle and rinse thoroughly. Clean the copper bottle with a cotton cloth and store it in a cool place.

3. Lemon and salt method
This is the simplest way to clean your copper water bottle. Take a lemon, cut it into two halves. Just rub the bottle with lemon directly to remove any stains, you could even add salt to scrub off any excess stains or dirt. You could always clean the bottle with a regular dishwasher liquid after this process is complete. Then clean with a cloth and store it in a dry place.

4. Clean the inside of a copper bottle using salt and lemon or vinegar and salt.
If you have been plagued by this question, ‘How to clean copper bottle from inside?’ don't worry, we’ve got you! Take a combination of salt with lemon juice or salt with vinegar, use whichever product is available at home readily. Take the mixture, add a little water and pour it inside the copper bottle. Close the lid and shake the bottle vigorously for a while, then throw away the contents and wash the copper bottle with water. Now the inside of the copper bottle is as shiny as the outside. Leave the bottle to dry in a cool area.

5. Go traditional with tamarind
Traditionally copper vessels were cleaned using tamarind. If you like to go this route, here’s how you can wash a copper bottle with tamarind. Take a handful of tamarind paste and separate the seeds from it. Soak the tamarind into a bowl of water for a few minutes to make it soft. Gently squeeze excess water from the tamarind and apply the same onto the outside of a copper bottle. Cover the entire bottle with the paste and let it dry for 10-15 minutes. When the tamarind turns dry, wash the bottle with water, you can even use a sponge to clean the bottle.

To clean the copper bottle from the inside, fill it with a mixture of tamarind and water and shake it. Now your copper bottle is clean from the inside and the outside. Dry and store it in a cool place to avoid stains.

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Some tips on drinking water from a copper bottle
1. To make the best use of your copper bottle you can fill it with water and store it overnight. During the night the copper bottle purifies the water and kills microbes present in it. Consume the purified water in the morning.
2. Make sure that the bottle you are using is actually made of copper and there are no additional elements mixed with it.
3. Wash and clean your copper bottle regularly using a mixture of salt and lemon or other mixtures as suggested above for safety.

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Conclusion :

Drinking water from a copper bottle has numerous benefits. Water stored in a copper bottle derives certain qualities from copper. This water is purified and offers a variety of health benefits. While water present in the bottle helps us in keeping our digestive system healthy and provides us with a strong metabolism, it is also imperative to clean the copper bottle regularly for safety and hygiene reasons. We hope that the tips we shared with you were useful in helping you understand the copper bottle benefits and its maintenance. 


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