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Is it worth buying an air fryer? What are the benefits?

Is it worth buying an air fryer? What are the benefits? - Solara Home

Air Fryer - Benefits and Advantages 

Your favorite chicken wings and french fries are too good to pass on, but you can’t eat them because of the calorie-count and excess oil, so what do you do? You should go check out some air fryers. Nowadays, everyone prefers a healthier option to eat and cut down those extra calories coming from deep-fried food. Air fryers do just that with any food you used to love before but can’t consume now. Air fryers make your life easier by using little to none oil for cooking, and they consistently maintain that crispy element in all of the popular dishes in no time. Air fryers not only delivered on their golden promise but also saved a lot of counter space, which has become a hot commodity in almost every kitchen. They also take the burden off your shoulders by coming with dishwasher-safe baskets and racks. In this article, you will get all the necessary info on air fryers regarding the health benefits and some awesome cooking tips you could use while making your favorite dish.


Benefits of Using an Air Fryer

 Your favorite fried food with 50 times less oil

Air fryers made it easy for us to enjoy fried foods without worrying about the oil or fat percentage. It is the best guilt-free way of having fried food. You get tasty and crispy food items at almost 80% less fat and calories. By lowering the oil intake, you are not only cutting down some extra calories; you are saving yourself from the harmful effects of oil or deep frying.


Low Maintenance

Whenever we buy something to add to our kitchen, we do not want to spend any extra time or money while using it daily. That is exactly what air fryers bring to your kitchen table. They take up less counter space, and you don’t need to dedicate special cleaning time for the frying baskets.


Versatile Features

Modern air fryers are coming with incredible features like touch panels and pre-set menus, it makes cooking flexible for any person having a busy schedule. They are packed with advanced features that let you add new recipes and repeat them whenever you like without wasting any time. Some models even have pre-programmed modes to automate the entire cooking process. Now, that is something you can’t pass on.


Air Fryers can Cut Your Fat Content

Air fryers can kick-start your fitness journey and they will help you sustain for a longer period. Trimming down your waistline is not easy, but it is also not hard when you have an air fryer. Air-fried food gives you all the nutrients you need per gram, and you still will not add any unnecessary fat to your diet.



Five tips to consider before you use an Air Fryer


#1 Use Aluminium Foil for Preparation

Preparation for frying or baking any dish using an air fryer is tricky, and if not done right, it can take too long before it is ready for serving. That’s where aluminum foil comes in and makes your life easier. Take a piece of aluminum foil and fold it into a strip to use as a cover for the frying basket. This eases out handling different accessories put in and out of the basket.


#2 Add Water to the Air Fryer Drawer

When preparing your favorite dishes like something similar to a burger or anything that contains a lot of fatty content, you should add the required amount of water to prevent overheating and damage to the machine. The water added to the basket cools down the temperature and controls the smoke coming out of the air fryer.


#3 Get the Right Accessories

Having an air fryer to do all the cooking is great but you can’t get it done without having the right attachments such as a baking pan, cooking rack, parchment, liners, and silicon mats. These not only speed up the process but also require minimal hands-on action. If you are on a budget, then you can look around your house kitchen and find oven-safe molds or pans because they are most likely used for air fryers as well.


#4 Stay Away from Cooking Sprays

Many people pick cooking sprays to save time but they don't understand that they are harmful to our health. In almost every cooking spray, we see the usage of so many questionable additives that look similar to ones used in cosmetics. These chemicals and foaming agents present in cooking sprays can mess with your air fryer’s coating and lessen the durability of the product.


#5 Don't Forget to preheat if you like crispy food

Manufacturers might mention that preheating is not necessary while air frying food, but it is a game-changer for many dishes. It can do wonders for veggies, and all of sudden, you might even start liking broccoli because of the crispiness air fryers add. If you maintain a constant temperature of 400 F and not crowd the frying basket, you will always enjoy crispy food.



There is very little to complain about air fryers when you weigh the health benefits and cost-effectiveness on the side. Air fryers top every modern kitchen appliance because of the flexibility and versatility they bring to the table. From baked potatoes to grilled steak, air fryers can do everything with an excellent taste and less oil consumption. Air frying methods are slowly taking over the kitchen, and they are becoming an integral part of our lifestyle.