Pros and Cons of Drinking Hot Water

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Pros and Cons of Drinking Hot Water 

There is a lot said about the benefits of hot water. Consuming hot water a couple of times a day has several benefits for our bodies. Starting from improving our metabolism, to soothing heartburns to aiding weight loss, are there any cons to drinking hot water? Is there anything we should be worried about when we drink hot water, are there measures to be taken care of?
Let us find the pros and disadvantages of drinking warm water should you incorporate this practice into your daily life.

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water :

Aids in Digestion

When you drink hot water before food and after dinner, it aids in digestion. The warm or hot water helps break down the food faster for circulation. It also enables bowel movement and leaves us feeling light in our stomachs. It ensures that we are not prone to indigestion or constipation.

Helps to detox the body

When you drink hot water regularly, this increases the temperature of the body. When the body temperature rises, we sweat and our body releases toxins. If you consider adding lemon to hot water, this helps to detox the bod

Helps in Weight Management

When you intend to lose weight it is often recommended to increase the consumption of hot water. Hot water increases metabolism and absorption of food. Consuming hot water with lemon or honey early in the morning and before you sleep causes your body to burn more calories.

Are there any Misunderstandings about Hot Water?

Some common misunderstandings that people make when it comes to the hot water benefits are detoxification or weight loss that us expected to take place due to the consumption of hot water. Although hot water improves our metabolism, it could not be attributed to the success of weight loss or detoxification entirely from drinking hot water. This is because this information lacks scientific backing.

If a woman is pregnant is it safe for her to drink hot water?

Yes, a pregnant woman can certainly drink hot water. Drinking hot water benefits our health in multiple ways such as helping us improve our skin, hydration levels, detoxification etc. there is also no scientific research that connects pregnancy or miscarriage to drinking hot water.

Is there any perfect temperature to drink hot water? If yes, what is it?

Water is a thirst quencher and different people like to consume it in different ways. By now, we know what warm water benefits are, so it is also important to know at what temperature it is best to consume hot water to gain maximum benefits.

 When we consume water from a good quality  Premium Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle at room temperature which is around 21 degrees, we feel at ease and refreshed. This feeling leaves us satisfied. However, sometimes we may also prefer to consume lukewarm water which is around close to 40-45 degrees, this may help us clear throat congestion, and feel slightly warm in our body.

You could also consume water at 6 degrees if you feel like the body is getting too hot and you need it to cool down a little bit, this can make you feel super fresh and instantly energise you. However, when it comes to choosing the water temperature that is best for you it boils down to your needs and preferences. The main idea is to remain hydrated and to develop this habit you can use a motivational water bottle to keep track of your water goals.

Is there an ideal temperature of water to drink? If so, which one?

The ideal temperature of the water can be the combination of all the options shared above or anything that best suits your habits and likes. You can start with either of them and move to the next level based on your choices.

At What Temperature Can We Drink Hot Drinking Water?

Hot water can be consumed at 58 degrees, at this temperature, the beverages or hot water are safe for our body. The maximum temperature that our body can tolerate is about 70-71 degrees, anything above this can spoil or damage our mouth or tissues.

Can we mix something with water to gain the maximum benefits of hot water?

Yes, you can always enhance the taste of plain hot water by adding lemon, ginger, mint leaves or honey in the hot water. All these elements help improve metabolism, and blood circulation and protect gastrointestinal systems. They are rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Is there a good time to drink hot water?

Yes, to absorb all the hot water drinking benefits, drink hot water the first thing in the morning. This will flush out all the toxins from your body, and also get you energised to jumpstart the day. You can also consume hot water before you hit the bed at night, this will help in digestion and promote skin benefits while you are asleep.

Is drinking hot water daily beneficial?

Yes, by consuming hot water daily you ensure consistency. the benefits of warm water may not be seen instantly but over time you will notice that you are energised and hydrated. Your skin will improve and so will your digestion.

Why Do People Drink Hot Water?

Hot water is believed to ease your body. Not only does it promote digestion and aid in weight management, but it also helps you debloat and digest food better. Apart from keeping hydrated and your kidneys safe, it flushes out toxins out of your body and reduces the chances of getting constipation.


Drinking hot water in the morning is a good way to jump-start your day. You can start with flushing out toxins in your body and improving your digestion. The important thing to note is that drinking water is truly beneficial for our body, when we have a strong core it reflects on our skin too, our skin glows and our mind and body are at ease. So, even though drinking hot water may


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