Best Direction to Sleep : According to the Vastu in India

 Best Direction to Sleep :  Best Direction to Sleep : According to the Vastu

  Best Direction to Sleep : According to the Vastu in India

Quality sleep compiled with a nutritious diet and exercise is the sign of a healthy lifestyle. But have you ever wondered why the direction and placement of our body during sleep is given so much importance? According to the Vastu, a science that talks about directions, there are certain do’s and don’ts about sleeping.

In this article, we will talk about the best direction to sleep in, what are its advantages of it, and how to gain quality sleep. We will also discuss what directions and habits must be avoided during bedtime. Read along to find out if you are sleeping correctly and if not, what can you do to rectify your sleeping patterns.

What is the best direction to sleep in according to Vastu Shastra?
Vastu broadly comprises the balance of the five elements of nature, that is earth, fire, water, air and ether. For our well-being, a proper balance must be maintained between these elements. Now, Vastu recommends South as the best direction to sleep in. When we place our heads in the South direction and our legs in the North direction, we will get up feeling refreshed and energized.

Why is the South the best direction to sleep in?
This is because the earth in itself is a giant magnet radiating magnetic energy in the north and the south pole. Now, when we sleep with our heads in the North direction, the earth’s magnetic energy and ours will repel. The tension thus created can cause headaches and increase our blood pressure. By that logic, since opposite poles attract, to avoid health problems, it is better to go in the South-North direction.

What happens if you sleep in the North direction?
According to Vastu, sleeping with our head in the North direction is an absolute no-no. Our head is the north pole of our body and if we align this with the earth’s north pole while sleeping, it will repel. This will further lead to the development of digestion issues, headaches and other health problems.

Even in Hindu customs, keeping our head in the north direction whilst sleeping is not acceptable. It is said that when people die, it is only then that they are made to sleep with their heads in the North-south direction before the final rites.

What other directions are okay to sleep in?
Placing our heads in the east is also a good direction to sleep in. Since the Sun rises in the East, sleeping with our heads in this direction is said to bring positive energy and good vibes. It allows one to stay energized and keep a cool head. Additionally, students are advised to sleep in this direction to improve concentration and boost memory.

Is the West the best sleeping direction?
No, the west is not considered the best direction to sleep in. This is because sleeping in this direction causes a neutral effect on the body. However, some schools of thought believe that it makes the sleeper restless and gives them unsettling dreams. It does not allow them to maximize their sleep time or leave them fresh and energized when they get up the next morning.

Which direction to sleep in scientifically?
According to science, our earth is a magnet and where the North pole is positive and the south pole is negative. The best sleeping direction is the one that avoids any interference with the earth’s magnetic energy.

Best Sleeping direction and placement of our bed
Vastu helps us understand in which direction we should sleep, placement of the bed, the lights in the room, wall paint and the alignment of bedroom furniture also dictate the quality of sleep. To get good quality sleep, according to the rules of Feng Shui, the bed must be placed against a wall and opposite the direction of the bedroom door. It is also not advisable to place the bed below a window.

Other things to consider to improve our sleep
A few things that can provide us with a good night’s sleep in addition to sleeping in the correct direction are the decor, curtain colours and patterns, plants, the colour of the wall etc. Each furniture piece and decor item placed in the room must bring you joy and satisfaction. If the room is shared by a couple then they must consider keeping things they both like in the bedroom. Placement of electronics must be avoided as much as possible

Frequently Asked Questions About Sleeping Directions :

1. What side should the wife and husband sleep on?
The wife can sleep on the left and the husband can sleep on the right side

2. Which direction is best to sleep in the master bedroom
The south direction is considered the best to sleep in. The head is placed in the south and the legs are placed in the North direction.

3. Which direction must be avoided at all costs?
Sleeping with the head placed in the north direction is not recommended at all. It causes health problems.

4. In which direction do we have to sleep? Can we sleep in the west direction?
You can sleep in the west direction however you might feel restless and not get proper sleep. South is the best sleeping direction according to Vastu.

5. Should we consider the southwest direction to sleep?
Yes, it is one of the best ways to sleep, especially for couples.

6. Which side should we sleep on?
It is always best to sleep on the sides, as it helps indigestion. Sleeping on the left side is ideal as it reduces pressure on the heart and helps you breathe properly.


Sleeping in the correct directions can help us stay energized and healthy. While it's important to sleep in the right direction it is also important for us to place objects and furniture in our bedroom in a manner that's most comfortable for us. Lightings and other decors must be chosen similarly. In addition to that, bedding also plays an important role in our sleep. Quality mattresses help in relieving body pains and provide quality sleep. They contour with our body shape and help reduce back and neck problems.

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