Bed Dimensions- A Guide to Buying the Perfect Bed in India

Bed Dimensions : Complete Guide To Standard Bed Sizes in India
Standard Bed Sizes in India

What is the right mattress for you? On the surface level, a right mattress fits perfectly on the bed frame, provides ultimate comfort and is in sync with the rest of the furniture. However, it is important to understand everyone's requirements are different and finding the right mattress can be a cumbersome task but the results are worth it.

There are different ways to measure the size of a mattress and decide which mattress can suit you. In India, you can measure bed sizes in feet, inches and centimetres and decide if you prefer king size bed dimensions, queen size bed dimensions in feet, other single or double bed sizes or a custom made size for you.

How to pick a mattress size correctly?
Let us understand what mattress size means; a mattress size refers to the length, breadth and the height or thickness of a mattress. These details are mentioned quite clearly on websites while purchasing a mattress online in India. Based on their dimensions, the mattresses are also commonly categorised in four basic sizes namely, the king-size, queen size, double-bed and the single bed sizes.

Is it important to consider thickness as a factor while purchasing mattresses?
Thickness is an important factor when purchasing mattresses. The thickness of a mattress depends upon your requirements. Mattresses that include memory foam or spring etc, that support your head, neck and shoulders, are slightly thicker as compared to other mattresses. In fact, this also increases the cost of the mattress itself.
How can we measure the size of the mattress for beds?
One simple way of measuring the mattress would require you to simply get a measuring tape and start measuring the bed. Ensure that all the bedding is removed and only the bed frame is being measured. First measure the length and then the breadth of the bed. Remember, you only need to measure the cavity of the bed, do not start measuring the bed from edge to edge.

What are some of the standard mattress sizes available in India?

Some standard mattress sizes that are commonly available in India are :

Bed Type




72 to 78 inches

30, 36 or 42 inches


72 to 75 inches

48 inches 


72 to 75 inches

60 or 66 inches


72 to 78 inches

72 inches


What are some of the common mattress sizes available?

Single mattress: A single mattress is usually 72 inches in length and 30-36 inches in width. Ideally, it is suited for growing children or young adults. It is definitely not a choice for adults as there may not be enough space to even stretch or sleep comfortably.
Double mattress: A double or twin-size mattress is usually 72-75 inches in length and 42-48 inches in width. This is preferred by adults, young graduates and individuals who have small pets around. There is some room for two individuals however, the space may get congested for both. A twin-size bed is ideal for small rooms and individuals looking for mattresses at economical costs.

Queen-size mattress: A queen-size mattress is 72-75 inches in length and 60-66 inches in width, the queen size bed dimensions in cm range from 152 x 184 to 152 x 200 cm. This is best suited for two adults or adults with a small child. A queen-size mattress is only slightly narrower than a king-size mattress. It is perfect for a master bedroom and even a guest bedroom. For single adults, who like to take up ample space while sleeping this is a must-have in the bedroom. Most households today include a queen-size bed as it is not only comfortable and feels luxurious, the bed size syncs in with the bedroom furniture and leaves a large amount of space to walk around.

King-size mattress: A king-size mattress is 72-78 inches long and 72 inches wide, the king-size bed dimensions in feet are 6’ x 6’ or 6’x 6’6”. This is the largest bed size there is that can accommodate two adults and two kids comfortably. There is enough space for two adults who have varied sleeping patterns to sleep as per their will. Generally, king-size mattresses are chosen by those who have ample space in their bedrooms to walk around even with the bed.
Custom-size mattress: Apart from these standardised sizes, there are custom mattresses available in the market. Say you desire a mattress that fits your height and complies with your level of softness and comfort, it is always a good option to design a custom mattress according to your needs. What this does is that it gives you enough wriggle room to design a mattress that suits your taste, needs and health requirements. This way you are at ease and shall never compromise on your sleep.
Are there other decisions that influence the mattress buying process?
Yes, certainly apart from understanding the size of the mattress, or the bed sizes in feet, there are other factors that influence the process of buying a mattress in India. Let us take a look at a few of the factors :
  • The user of the mattress
Before making a purchase, it is always important to know who is using the mattress. If the mattress is for a young adult or college student then a single mattress or a twin-size mattress will suffice. However, if you are looking to sleep with children or your pets then you should go in for a twin-size, queen-size or king-size mattress.
  • The size of your bedroom
It is imperative to remember that even though your bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, there still needs to be space for other items in the room. Your wardrobes, side tables etc. also take up space, so your room must be aligned accordingly. Lastly, there must be ample space to walk around in the room after you place the bed or it might look too cramped.
  • Placement of the bedroom
Transporting your mattress and the bed to the respective room can be a challenging task. So, remember to measure the length and breadth of your doors and ensure that there is ample space to fit in a mattress and a bed during the setup process.
  • Budget/ Price of the mattress
After having taken a look at all the available options for the mattress, it is important that you choose a mattress that suits your needs and also fits into your budget. Buying a mattress is a challenging decision as it usually stays for 5-6 years or more depending upon the usage, so think well before you make your purchase.
Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the California king mattress bigger than the king-size mattress?
Yes, a California king mattress is longer than a king-size mattress by 4’’ inches. However, a king-size mattress is wider than a California king mattress.

2. Does the market have more sizes of mattresses?
Yes, there are mattresses bigger than the California king mattress available on the market. However, they are not easily available for purchase.

3. Is there a difference between a twin-size and a single mattress?
Yes, the single mattress is smaller in width as compared to a twin-size mattress and is suitable for young children and growing teenagers. However, a twin-size mattress is suited for young adults and adults alike.

4. Can a full-size mattress be used comfortably by 2 people?
A full-size mattress does fit 2 people, however, they may or may not feel comfortable in the bed. The comfort generally depends on the sleeping pattern of the individuals.

5. Are full-size mattresses called double beds?
Yes, full-size mattresses and double beds mean the same thing.

6. What happens when you place two twin-bed mattresses side-by-side?
When you place two twin-bed mattresses side-by-side, it is almost equal to a king-size mattress. They may be the same in width but may differ in length.

7. What’s the largest mattress size available in the market?
The biggest mattress is the Alaskan king mattress, which is 9 feet by 9 feet.

8. Which mattress size is the most popular?
The most popular mattress size is the queen size. It is perfect for two adults and a small child and fits into any master bedroom without a problem.
Conclusion :
There are a variety of mattresses available in the market. It is quite simple to measure king size mattress size in feet, queen bed size in feet and the single and twin-size mattresses in cms, feet and inches before deciding which mattress suits your needs the best. In India, you can buy the mattress of choice online and have it delivered to your doorstep quickly and easily. Just ensure you know what your needs are before making a final purchase decision. We hope that you are now well-equipped to start mattress shopping, so go ahead and shop online!
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