ABC Juice Benefits | The Miracle Detox Drink for a Healthy Body

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ABC Juice Benefits | The Miracle Detox Drink for a Healthy Body 

If there is one juice that is a total show-stealer on all occasions it is the popular apple beetroot carrot juice also known as miracle juice. It is no secret that ABC juice can do wonders for your body and skin. Enriched with minerals and a host of vitamins, apple carrot beetroot juice is your go-to after a good workout sesh or even just to improve your gut health. This three-ingredient booster can easily be prepared at home in less than 30 minutes and poured into a motivational water bottle for consumption. You can either start your day with this gorgeous red colour drink or have it anytime during the day.

Let’s take a look at the ever famous ABC juice recipe:

Recipe for ABC juice:

Ingredients required for ABC juice

  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Beetroot
  • 1 Carrot

Lemon juice or ginger to add more flavour.

Steps to make ABC juice:

  1. First, gently peel the skin and cut the apple, carrot and beetroots into small pieces. Ensure that these pieces can easily blend in the juicer or a blender
  2. Then, add the ingredients to the mixer with some water
  3. and blend them to perfection.
  4. Once the juice is blended, strain the pulp and collect the juice in a separate glass.
  5. You can squeeze a drop of lemon or ginger to improve the flavour. Kindly do not add any salt or sugar to the juice.

Are there any calories in the ABC juice?

As per BeBodyWise, there are 36.3 grams of carbohydrates, 11.6 grams of dietary fibre, 13.8 grams of sugar, 8.4 grams of protein, 1.1 grams of fat and 160.6 Calories in the ABC juice. Additionally, it is rich in minerals like copper, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron, manganese and more. It also has vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, E and K.

Some apple, beetroot and carrot juice benefits for our body

If you are looking to introduce this juice into your routine but lack the discipline to do it, here are a few benefits that should convince you! After reading the following, you will never think twice about including this juice in your daily life. In fact, you will ensure it becomes a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Helps us boost our immunity:

Consumption of ABC juice helps us build white blood cells and haemoglobin in our body, thus improving our immunity. This in turn gives us strength to fight off diseases and protects us from infections. Additionally, it helps to strengthen our lungs and clear throat infections.

Improves our overall health:

The beetroot carrot apple juice is filled with a host of vitamins and minerals. It is high in fibre and acts as an excellent weight-loss drink. It can also be a good drink to consume right after workouts. Since the juice contains fibre it helps you feel satiated and leaves you feeling full for a long time.

Does wonders for your skin:

ABC juice helps to flush out toxins from your body and brightens up your skin. It contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E and K which help us fight ageing and tightens our skin. It also works against blackheads, pimples, and acne and rejuvenates our skin.

Improves the strength of the hair

One of the ABC juice benefits is that it helps strengthen the hair. The drink is rich in iron and potassium which improves hair quality.

Great for digestion:

Another incredible benefit of the ABC juice is that it takes care of our gut health. It contains phytonutrients and fibre which smoothen the digestion process. It also helps to boost our metabolic system, improves bowel movement and relieves us of constipation.

Helps fight bad breath:

The benefits of ABC juice also work against bad breath. Indigestion is often the cause of bad breath, the juice improves our digestive system and helps us fight bad breath and body odour.

Detoxes our vital organs:

Apple carrot beetroot juice benefits also extend to our vital organs. They generate red blood cells, purify the blood and deeply clean our body. This helps us get rid of toxins and makes us strong from the inside out.

Reduces pains during the menstrual cycle:

Another way to detoxify your body is by drinking ABC juice. During periods consuming ABC juice can relieve you of cramps around the uterus region. Minerals like manganese Vitamin A and fibre can help lessen the pain, these ingredients are infused in the ABC drink and it works to ease the pain during periods.

Helps to strengthen our muscles:

We fail to remember the hours spent on our digital devices every day, this has a negative effect on our vision. Apple carrot and beetroot juice benefits also extend to our muscles. They help to strengthen our eye muscles and also keep blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

Are there any apple beetroot carrot juice side effects that we should be aware of?

Anything in excess is harmful to our body, similarly consuming the ABC juice in larger quantities may be unsuitable for us. It can lead to discolouration of the urine and cause it to turn red, in some cases it may even lead to the formation of kidney stones. Hence the drink must be consumed in recommended quantities only.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Happens to us if we know about apple carrot and beetroot juice and want to drink it daily?

This is an incredible choice for your health. Consuming the ABC juice daily can help to glow your skin, purify the blood, improve digestion and strengthen your bones and muscles. Introducing it into your routine can promote great health benefits and help in weight loss as well.

2. What is the best time to drink beetroot juice with carrot and apple?

Ideally, it would be best to consume the ABC juice in the mornings or evenings on an empty stomach. However, you can also consume it anytime during the day, just ensure that you are on an empty stomach.

3. Can you have ABC juice for skin whitening?

There is no specific juice to whiten your skin, however, there are always ways to make your skin glow and shine naturally. Some juices that can help with glowing skin are pomegranate juice, carrot juice, beetroot juice etc.


Hailed as one of the most refreshing drinks, the ABC juice has quite a big fan base and for all the right reasons. It is preferred by professionals, gym enthusiasts, adults and children alike. The benefits of apple carrot and beetroot juice are plenty. Consuming ABC juice 1-2 twice a day can not only help you detox but also purify your blood and strengthen the body. We hope that this recipe of miracle juice works out for you and gives you the best results.

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