6 Trikonasana Benefits : How To Practice The Trikonasana Pose In Yoga

6 Trikonasana Benefits

6 Trikonasana Benefits: How To Practice The Trikonasana Pose In Yoga
Trikonasana is a Sanskrit word for the triangle pose. If we break the word down, we get ‘trikona’ which means triangle and ‘asana’ which means posture. The practice of this asana requires one to keep their eyes open to maintain a good body balance.

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How to practice the trikonasana pose?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to practice Trikonasana yoga.

  1.  First, you need to stand with your legs spread more than hip-width apart. Stretch both the legs to the ends as far as you can. Extend your arms and keep them parallel to the ground. Your palms should be facing down at this point.
  2. If you are starting the exercise from your right side then, the right foot should be at a 90-degree angle and the left foot should be placed at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Now, inhale and then slowly exhale whilst bending your body at the hip and towards the right side and towards the right heel. The sides of the waist must be kept long.
  4. Next, place the right hand next to your right foot and hold the right ankle with your right hand. Simultaneously, extend the left hand straight above your arms and shoulders and hold for a couple of seconds.
  5. Lastly, with shoulders aligned in this position, turn your head up to look at the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds, release the stretch. Then wait for a few seconds before repeating the asana on the left side.


What are the benefits of practicing the trikonasana steps?

Trikonasana benefits for our body are:

  1. It develops strength for the lower half of our body specifically in areas like the thighs, calves and buttock region.
  2. It helps our body get relief from issues like indigestion, gastritis, acidity and helps stimulate our nervous system.
  3. Practicing the trikonasana procedure helps in spine alignment and shoulder alignment.
  4. Trikonasana triangle pose helps release the tension in our lower back and also helps activate the core muscles.
  5. It provides balance and stability to our bodies.
  6. During menstruation, if performed regularly, the asana helps relieve the menstrual cramp pains and the discomfort caused by the pains.

What tips should you follow before practicing trikonasana stretches?

  1. You should do a general warm-up before going into the deep stretches of the trikonasana.
  2. You must use a good quality yoga mat to avoid slippage during the yoga asana practice.
  3. All asanas must be performed slowly and not in a rushed state.
  4. Keep a good-quality water bottle by your side in case you need to hydrate pre or post-workout.
  5. As a general rule, a good night's sleep using a quality mattress and a nutritious diet is essential for ensuring good health.

Other Variations of Trikonasana

Utthita Trikonasana (The extended triangle)

The Utthita trikonasana requires the same type of setup as the trikonasana. However, in this pose, the hand placement is slightly different. In this pose for example, when you're reaching for your right leg and attempting to hold your right ankle, instead you need to place your hand flat on the floor and feel the stretch.

Parivrtta Trikonasana (Revolved triangle pose)

The asana, pronounced as par-ee-vrit-ta-sana means to revolve. To perform this asana, stand with your legs stretched out and arms parallel to the floor. If you are starting from your right side,
face your upper body towards the right side. Now, slowly, hold your right ankle with your left hand, place your right hand on the hip. Then, slowly twist your torso to face the right side, where you have placed the right hand on the hip and lookup. Come back to a neutral position and then repeat the posture on the other side.

How to do Trikonasana and Avoid Any Injury?

It is essential to practice yoga or any workout with care. First, you must warm-up and get your body ready for the workout. Then, you need to place a yoga mat that provides you with a firm grip. Lastly, begin your yoga with focus and perform the asanas with dedication. Additionally, if you have any health conditions, consult a medical professional before you practice yoga.


Yoga offers a multitude of health benefits for our bodies. Trikonasana strengthens the body from the core, aligns our spine and shoulders and energizes us from the inside. This not only makes us feel physically and mentally strong but maintaining correct postures can give us the confidence to achieve our goals and assigned tasks for the day.

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