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Yoga For a Healthy Lifestyle.

Fitness is an indispensable part of our daily lives and one of the best ways to stay fit is by practising Yoga. Yoga helps calm our mind and body and helps us stay fit. A good quality yoga mat is an absolute must if you wish to exercise without the constant fear of slipping or sliding on the mat. At Solara, you can find yoga mats that are tear-resistant and made of superior quality. So, buy your yoga mats online and get started!

Why Should You Practice Yoga daily?

Yoga not only helps you to keep fit physically but also clears your mind and improves concentration. It aids in weight reduction and balances your metabolism. There are several other benefits of doing yoga, so pick a yoga mat of your choice online and kickstart this transformational journey.

Do We Need To Buy a Yoga Mat to Practice Yoga?

Good yoga mats help you balance your body. They ensure your body remains stable while practising different postures and give you the cushioning you need to avoid sliding or hurting yourself mid-session.

Frequently asked question about Yoga Mats :

What is the best thickness for a yoga mat?
A 3 mm yoga mat is usually good for starters. However, depending upon the type of workout you intend to do, you can even go for a 6-8 mm yoga mat.

Is a 6 mm yoga mat good enough?
Yoga mats in India that are 6mm in size provide comfort and support during the workout.

How can I choose a Yoga Mat Online?
Good yoga mats have the correct amount of thickness, texture and are made of quality material. While buying yoga mats online, you need to decide what kind of thickness you intend to go for. Usually, 3 mm is the standard available thickness of a yoga mat. When it comes to texture, options such as suede, rubber, PVC, cotton and such others are available. Materials could be in PVC, eco-friendly or others.

Yoga mat online shopping for beginners.
A standard yoga mat for beginners is usually around 3- 4mm thick. However, you can choose to go in for a thicker one such as 8 mm if that suits your requirements.

How to Buy a Yoga Mat Online for Hot Yoga?
Since hot yoga requires you to sweat a lot, buy a yoga mat made of rubber for better grip.

How to Choose The Best Yoga Mat Bag?
A yoga mat bag has to perfectly fit the yoga mat into it. Buy a bag that is made of durable material and so that it lasts long.

Does Solara have eco-friendly yoga mats?
Solara’s eco-friendly yoga mats are made from high-density TPE material designed to prevent knee and ankle sprain during workouts. It also comes with a dust-proof storage bag. And the yoga mat price is budget-friendly.

Is a 3mm Yoga Mat in India Too Thin?
No, 3mm is the standard size of a yoga mat

How Long Should a Yoga Mat 6mm or The Standard Size Last?
A yoga mat usually lasts for 6 months to a year, but it can last even longer depending upon your usage.

What Should One do With Old Yoga Mats?
Old yoga mats can be used as floor mattresses at a beach, or as decorative sit-outs in your house. Depending upon your creativity you can repurpose your yoga mats in multiple ways.

Can I use a Towel Instead or is it Compulsory to Buy a Yoga mat Online in India?
No, towels cannot be used as a replacement for yoga mats, as they will slip away whilst you exercise. Instead, invest in a good quality yoga mat that provides you with the grip you need to do yoga.