What are the Different Types of Weighing Machines?

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different types of Weight machines?

Weighing scales have not only made their way into our kitchens but also into our hearts. In a traditional sense, weighing scales were used to measure body weight or were typically used in labs to make certain chemicals. Of late, most people have enjoyed the company of small weighing scales that are used to measure food in their kitchens. These are used to measure the exact quantity of food so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Types of Weight machines?

Analog weighing machine:
The first type of weighing scale that comes to our mind when we think about types of weighing scales is the analog weighing machine. In today’s time, these are less popular as compared to digital weighing machines, however, analog weighing machines are more accurate and used widely in industrial applications.

Digital weighing machine:
This is the most common type of balance scale available in the industry. When an item is placed on the machine it displays the weight on the digital screen available on the weighing machine. Generally this digital weighing machine is accurate and can be used for measuring body weight or for meal prep and such items.

Electronic weighing machine:
These are similar to digital weighing machines, however, they use sensors to predict the weight of an object. They are slightly more difficult to use than digital weighing machines but generate accurate results.

Smart weighing machines:
These are new and quick ways to measure weight. They are a combination of digital and analog weighing machines. Additionally, they can be connected to a smartphone and help us generate health results that can further be used for tracking and health assessments

Pet weighing machines:
As the name suggests these types of weighing balances are used to measure the weight of the pets. Designed specifically for animals, it allows you to comfortably measure the weight of your four-legged animal friends such as cats, dogs etc. and is used for the above-intended purposes only.

Baby weighing machines:
These are for extremely tiny babies who are just born or are unable to stand on their two feet. The baby can be placed directly on the weighing scale for the measurements to be taken.

What things should you consider while buying a weighing scale?

The size of the scale:
The size of the weighing scale depends on your needs. If your intended use is to weigh your food intake then you need to get one specifically for that. Similarly, if you want to check the weight of a newborn baby, you need to bring home a weighing scale for babies.

The capacity of the scale:
Each scale comes with a maximum capacity, your need to purchase the weighing scale according to your intent. For example, a food weighing scale can weigh up to 5 kg and a baby weighing scale can take up to 20kg.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is it possible to check my weight at home?
To check your weight at home, you can purchase an analog or digital weighing scale. These are super easy to use and help you check your precise weight measurements right in the comfort of your home. Choose from a variety of options readily available online!

2. Is there a type of weighing machine that would be best for home?
If you are looking to measure your body weight then digital weighing machines and electrical weighing machines can be quite accurate. However, if you are looking to measure your meal prep, then a good quality food weighing machine should do the job.

3. Is there a difference between the functioning of analog and digital weighing machines?
Analog machines come with a needle that moves along when you place a heavy object on the machine, this measures the weight of the object. In digital weighing machines, the weight of the object is displayed on the screen directly. Secondly, digital weighing scales are lighter and sleeker as compared to analog machines.

4. Can we use kitchen weighing machines to measure human weight?
No, kitchen weighing machines are designed to measure small objects more precisely and can take a maximum capacity of up to 5 kg. However, regular human weighing machines are designed to measure human body weight and must be used for that purpose only.

5. Is it necessary to own a weighing machine at home?
No, it is not. Owning a weighing machine is a choice and if someone is deeply interested in keeping their weight in check, then they need a weighing machine at home.

There are a variety of weighing machines available in the market. All of them are designed for a different use. When buying a weighing machine it is important to see that it fulfils your needs before going ahead with the purchase.

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