How to Cook Brown Rice in a Cooker? Recipe for Perfect Fluffy Rice!

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How to Cook Brown Rice in a Cooker? Recipe for Perfect Fluffy Rice!

For everyone who is beginning their fitness journey, brown rice has been their constant companion. Brown rice is rich in thiamine, Vitamin B and iron and a host of other nutrients. It has a nutty flavour and takes double the cooking time of white rice. However, the benefits derived from brown rice are a plenty. Since it is quite simple to make, you can even make it in a simple electric cooker or pressure cooker.

What are the different types of Brown Rice?

There are essentially two types of brown rice. One type is short-grain brown rice and the other is long-grain brown rice. While short-grain brown rice is sticky and chewy, long-grain brown rice is more distinctive and spread apart as compared to the former.

Procedure about how to cook brown rice in the pressure cooker

Brown rice has a hull around rice and cooking brown rice can take slightly longer than regular white rice, but don't you worry! With our technique you will be able to cook the fluffiest brown rice, that will turn out non-sticky and tasty all at once.

The idea here is to soak the brown rice for some time before you start cooking. Now, you can start off by soaking the brown rice for 15 mins or even 30 minutes.

Now, this might take you 2-3 tries to get it right depending upon the brand and quality of rice.

Follow the steps below to cook brown rice in a pressure cooker.

  1. First, soak the brown rice with or without salt for about 15-30 minutes.
  2. Take 1 cup of brown rice in a pressure cooker, to this add 2 cups of water. Place the lid on top and look at the cooker properly.
  3. Now, give it 8-10 whistles and let the cooker settle down. Open when all the pressure is out. The entire procedure takes about 25-30 mins.
  4. Stir it well with a spoon and the rice is ready.
  5. Remember, brown rice is chewy in texture. It goes well with all types of curries, veg and non-veg.

Procedure to make Brown Rice in an Electric Cooker

Rice cookers are pretty multiple-purpose. They can easily help you cook a multitude of dishes in an easy and simple manner. Using the recipe below, you can cook delicious brown rice and know exactly how to cook brown rice in a cooker and relish it with gravies of any kind.

For this to happen, you need to get the recipe right. Using exact measurements you can cook brown rice for your meals.

  1. Take one cup of brown rice in a bowl. Rinse the rice well and drain out the excess water.
  2. Now add this rice into the rice cooker and add 2 cups of water into it. Since brown rice has a natural bran layer and is slightly thicker than white rice it will take more time to cook.
  3. Add the lid and turn on the cooker. The electric cooker will automatically turn off when it is done.
  4. Notice that this is when the "cook" button switches to "warm" in the electric cooker.
  5. Let the rice stay in the cooker for just a few more minutes before you turn it off stir it and serve it.

Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Does it take very long to cook brown rice?

Brown rice may take around 30 to 45 minutes to cook depending upon the style of cooking and the brand of rice.

2. Are there any tips to know before we cook a brown rice recipe Indian style?

Cooking brown rice is fairly simple if you follow the steps precisely.

  1. Always remember to take recommended measurements of rice and water. Messing these might cause the rice to be over or undercooked.
  2. When the rice is being cooked, the lid must always be covered. Opening the lid halfway might disturb the doneness of the rice and deliver a satisfying experience.
  3. After the rice is done cooking, let it stay in the container for 5-10 minutes. Then mix it up in the spatula to get fluffy brown rice.

3. Can we reheat brown rice? If so, how?

It is always recommended to cook brown rice only in the required quantities. However, if there is some left, the brown rice can be stored in a refrigerator for about 2-3 days in an airtight container. If you wish to reheat this rice, then bring the container out, pour the rice into a heating bowl or plate, sprinkle some water and let it heat for about 30 to 45 seconds. Repeat this process about 3-4 times until you are satisfied with the temperature.

4. How much water to use while you cook brown rice in a pressure cooker?

If you want to take 1 cup of brown rice then you need to add 2 or 2.5 cups of water to it. Also, it is ideal to soak brown rice for about 30 minutes prior to cooking. This makes it soft and fluffy when the rice is done.

5. How much rice do we need for 2 cups of brown rice?

Ideally, the ratio is 1:2, with 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice. However, you can also try the ratio of 1 cup rice and 1.5 cups water for short-grain rice and 1/1.4th cup for long-grain rice. If you are having trouble weighing the quantity of rice, you can even use a digital weighing scale to help you with precise measurements.

6. Can brown rice be healthier than white?

The glycemic index of brown rice is 20% less than that of white rice. It is more fibrous and is also preferred by those suffering from diabetes. It also helps in reducing cholesterol levels and is good for the heart.

7. Should the rice be washed prior to cooking?

Yes, brown rice must be washed and soaked in water 30 minutes prior to cooking. This removes any excess dirt that's there on the rice and ensures that it is soft and fluffy.

8. Why does it take brown rice a while to cook?

Brown rice comes with a fibrous bran layer, this makes the water difficult to seep inside. Hence, it takes more time than white rice.

9. Is there a particular rice cooker that is best for brown rice?

Brown rice can easily be cooked in a pressure cooker and an electric cooker. As long as the cookers are in good condition to use, you can cook the rice in them.


Brown rice has become a household name for all those who are looking to get health conscious. It is a simple dish that goes well with any curry or gravy and makes you feel satiated even after a small serving. Brown rice only has the hull removed and is considered a healthier option as compared to white rice. It is high in nutritional content and certainly good for your body. It is quite simple to cook and serve at home or even at get-togethers.