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Electric Kettles For Home

An electric kettle or a hot water kettle is what most of us rely on for a hot cup of coffee or tea in the mornings. An electric tea kettle heats water in about 3-4 minutes, so you can get your day started. Whether you are looking for a kettle to boil water or to make cereals, oats, beverages or any other meals, you need to bring home a kettle that works electrically and is reliable.

Buy Electric Kettles Online At Solara

Electric kettles at Solara are made from premium quality and hold 1.8 litres of water. Made of stainless steel, the water kettle can boil water in about 5-7 minutes and is safe to use unlike a microwave or gas, where the chances of spillage are quite high. The steel kettle for tea comes with a cool-touch handle and a pop-up lid for an easy pour. The electric thermos is easy to use and clean and low on maintenance. The electric kettle price is budget-friendly and using it you can effortlessly prepare kettle tea, soups, pasta and other meals. Solara is renowned for its kettle price, durability and premium quality.

Benefits of Using Water Heater Kettle

An electric kettle is the star of your kitchen. From tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and soups to pasta, oats, maggie, and cereals you can cook anything using an electric jug. If you are running late for work or whether you have guests to entertain, buying a kettle online saves you from all your troubles. The kettle water is safe to drink; the kettle is electric so it heats water in no time, and best of all, it saves you a ton of time! So, get home an electric kettle of 1 litre or whichever you prefer and get started with your cooking experiments.

Things to Understand Before Buying an Electric Kettle

The average capacity of an electric kettle is around1-1.5 litres, which is useful for making 1-3 cups of coffee or tea. However, travel-friendly kettles start from 500 ml and if you have a large family then you can go in for large-sized kettles such from 1.5-2 litres.

Heating Element:
An electric kettle features a concealed heating element. It must be ensured that the heating element remains hidden at all times and does not come in contact with the water or food for safety reasons.

Automatic Shutoff:
Water kettles that are electric automatically shut off when the water is heated. This ensures that water is heated as required and reduces wastage, and saves electricity.


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