Copper Bottle Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel

Copper Bottle Benefits of Drinking Water in Copper Vessel

Copper Bottle benefits

The world is looking for sustainable options to reduce the consumption of plastic water bottles. In such a case, a copper bottle is not just an alternative to plastic bottles usage, but it has a ton of health benefits. Traditionally, our elders consumed water from the copper vessels as it was believed to add nutrients into our body, help improve our immune system and improve our digestive system.

Let's take a look at some of the copper vessel water benefits in this article.

Some copper bottle benefits are:

Helps achieve a healthy digestive system:
The copper present in a copper bottle can help kill harmful bacteria in our stomachs. It also helps in the detoxification process and ensures proper absorption of food. Copper vessel water benefits also help to flush out waste matter and cure stomach ulcers and infections.

Helps in keeping our body cool
A lot of food items that we consume these days may cause indigestion or acidity in our stomach. Drinking water in copper vessels can help remove toxins. This water is alkaline in nature and hence aids in keeping our body cool.

Contains anti-cancerous properties
Copper is highly rich in antioxidants, these help fight radicals that are primarily responsible for cancer-causing cells and tumours.

Helps us fight infections
Certain bacteria like E.coli can cause problems to human beings. Copper being powerful in nature can help us fight such infections and keep our immune system strong.

Good for our heart
One benefit of copper water is that it helps in the dilation of blood vessels to ensure proper blood circulation. Additionally, it also helps remove plaque deposition.

Helps in weight loss
Health benefits of copper water also include losing weight. Drinking water that has been stored in a copper vessel overnight can help in breaking down fats and improve the digestion process.

Contains healing properties
Copper water benefits also extend to being able to heal our bodies. Copper contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, these boost immunity and help produce new cells.

Helps improve conditions like arthritis
Copper contains anti-inflammatory properties and these help with arthritis by reducing pains and aches in the inflamed joints. The benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel also include improving bone strength.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does drinking water in copper bottles cause copper toxicity?
There are ​​plenty of benefits of copper water however we must always remember to maintain our water copper bottles. Copper toxicity takes place when you drink water from a corroded copper bottle when foods/liquids that are acidic in nature are stored in a copper bottle.
It can also happen if you exceed the recommended amount of copper intake. It is always better to consume copper water stored in a copper vessel for about 8 hours, if it exceeds 10 hours then it is better to throw that water away and refill the jar again.

2) How long should you keep water in a copper bottle?
The first thing to remember is that a copper bottle must be cleaned every day. Then, you can store water in a copper water bottle overnight, say about 8-10 hours. If it exceeds that timeline, it is better to throw the water and refill the vessel with fresh water for consumption.

3) Are we allowed to store anything else in a copper bottle?
Only water should be stored in a copper vessel. Different items contain different acidic levels that can react with the copper present in the vessel and cause more harm than the gain to the body. Hence, refrain from storing anything else apart from water in a copper vessel.

4) What temperature should the water be stored at in a copper bottle, should it be hot or cold?
It is always recommended that the room temperature water be stored in a copper bottle. Hot or cold water may cause unwanted harm to the body.

5) How should one clean Copper Bottles?
Cleaning copper bottles is super simple. One way is to use lemon juice and scrub it on the outside of the bottle and wash it off with water. The second is to clean it with vinegar, salt and water. Or if you would like to go the traditional way, you can clean the copper bottle with some tamarind too.

Conclusion :

Consuming water from copper bottles is not a new concept in India. It is a traditional practice that has been passed on over generations. There are plenty of copper bottle water benefits starting from improving our digestive systems to helping us lose weight and keeping our body cool. Additionally, it is also quite important to keep the copper bottles must be cleaned regularly to avoid health problems. This is to prevent copper from getting oxidized.

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