Detox Water Health Benefits For Your Body and Skin

Detox Water Health Benefits  For Your Body and Skin - Solara Home

 Detox Water Health Benefits  For Your Body and Skin

If you are a millennial or even a Gen Z, you may have heard this term called ‘detox water’ floating around. There are claims that detox water aids in weight loss and improves health. Many love to jump on the bandwagon and try new trends but there are also some of us who want to be sure about the benefits of any such new fads. By definition, detox water is made with fruits and vegetables infused in water and apparently helps your body to detox.

The detox water drink is refreshing to taste for sure, the addition of flavours and taste certainly make drinking water more enjoyable. Detox benefits can be received from the water upon regularly drinking water just like in the case of drinking normal water every day. To know more about detox water and how to make it, read along.

What is detox water? What are detox water benefits?

Detox water is a simple hydrating drink that combines the goodness of fruits and fresh water to give you your daily dose of detox. It makes you feel fresh and keeps your immunity strong.

Detox Water Recipe is mentioned below.

1. Fill up your glass with drinking water.
2. Next, cut any fruits or vegetables you like in small proportions
3. Transfer them to the glass and enjoy fresh.
4. While you can mix any type of fruits, and vegetables there are certain combinations that go excellently with each other, while other combinations may require you to acquire the taste.

What are some of the benefits of detox water?

1. Detox water claims that it aids in weight loss
It is said that consuming detox water a couple of times during the day can aid in weight loss. Given that water itself helps in weight loss, by increasing the metabolic rate of our body, drinking detox water a couple of times a day can help with weight management. Along with this, it's also important to eat nutritious food and sleep well.

2. Helps in digestion
It is no doubt that drinking sufficient water during the day ensures good bowel movement and health. Detox water can help improve gut health by flushing out toxic waste on a regular basis.

3. Keeps you fresh and elevates your mood.
How detox water works is when you drink a glass of detox water you instantly feel refreshed. The fragrance of the fruits and veggies we make the drink with give it a certain freshness and the colours of the detox water put us in a positive state of mind. This also ensures that our energy levels remain intact and we are able to do all the jobs we had in mind.

4. Improves skin and gives it a glow
Our daily jobs and travel can make us exhausted and tire our bodies. Our face quickly becomes dull and requires an energy boost. Detox waters rich in vitamin C help in improving our skin and giving it a glow.

5. Reduces bloating
We often feel quite full after our meal times or may feel bloated just after we wake up in the mornings. Detox water at a warm temperature can help us debloat and get us feeling all energetic. It also helps the food digest better.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I drink detox water?
We can consume detox water right when we wake up. We can even have the drink throughout the day to improve digestion and keep our health fit.

2. What are the myths about detox water?
It is believed that detox water does not directly impact our body and there is no scientific basis to prove its efficiency. There is also no proof that drinking detox water balances the pH level of our body nor does it provide any instant solutions to aid weight loss. However, there is no harm in consuming this flavoursome detox water for our health. It soothes our minds and helps us stay hydrated.


To conclude, detoxing water can make you feel refreshed and pumped up for your day. If you are still wondering about the recipe for detox water and how to make it, we have listed the steps above for you. If you easily get bored and are developing the habit of drinking water at regular intervals, having detox water in an infuser water bottle might be a good way to get started. It comes with a separator on the inside to keep the detox fruits and veggies intact. This way you can start with a new and healthy habit and positively contribute to your health.

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