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Back Exercise With Resistance Bands

The importance of a good posture cannot be stressed enough. Exercises can not only keep our body healthy and mind active but also improve our posture. A good body posture radiates confidence, improves self-esteem and adds to your personality.
So, if good posture is so important, how do we attain it? The best way to improve our posture is to exercise. Simple exercises using resistance bands can also help tone our body, tighten our core and strengthen our muscles.

In addition to this, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is important to eat right, sleep enough and stay hydrated. Drinking water can often seem like a task for many, for this purpose it is a good idea to invest in quality water bottles that remind you to drink water throughout the day.

Why should we do back workouts with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are stretchy bands that are used for workouts. When you workout with bands, it does not require any other gym equipment such as dumbbells, treadmills or heavy weights. You can practise your workout even in compact spaces such as a workplace or home and even carry the bands around when you are travelling. Another reason to do stretch band exercises with resistance bands is that the cost of purchasing the bands is quite economical and the returns are quite high. Lastly, a variety of exercises can be done using the resistance bands as well.

How can you fix the desk posture using a resistance band back workout?

Resistance bands target our entire body. But they mainly work our core, back and muscles that support our spine.

Is it possible to get benefits from resistance bands?

Yes, resistance bands increase the tension on the targeted muscle during work. As we pull and release the bands, the resistance is created in our bodies. This helps our body in flexibility and toning. Additionally, there are different resistance bands with different weights available for use as well.

What are some resistance band back exercises?

There are a variety of resistance band exercises that work on the back. A few of them are:

1. Bend and row exercise

In this workout, you place the resistance band on the floor. Stand in the centre of the resistance band and hold both ends of the band to the loop. Now, bend, but keep your head, neck and shoulders aligned. Keep the buttocks arched out and pull the band up. Pull the band as high as possible, raise your shoulder and squeeze the blades together and then release. Repeat the exercise in sets of 10 or more.

2. Lats pull down exercise.

In this exercise, tie the resistance band onto a high rod, above your height. Now, with both hands hold the band and pull it down. Next, without bending your arms, pull the band down and release it. This should target the lats area. Repeat the exercise as your requirement.

3. Reverse fly exercise

In this back exercise with a resistance band, keep the band on the floor and stand in the centre of it. Now, hold both ends of the band with your arms and arch your back and keep your arms straight. Pull the bands towards you without bending the arms. Now, hold the position for a bit and release it after a few seconds.

4. Pull apart exercise

This is one of the simplest resistance band back exercises. Keep the resistance band in front of you at shoulder length. Hold the band in your hands at an equal distance. Now, pull the bands on both sides, hold the position and release the bands again. Continue this exercise for a couple of minutes and then release the bands.

5. Kneeling superman exercise

In this back workout with a resistance band, you need to be on all your fours. This position is slightly tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll understand why it is great for your flexibility. First, get down on your knees to the floor, then stretch your right hand with one end of the resistance band clasped into your palm. Next, stretch out your left leg with the other end of the band supported by your foot. Stay in this position for a few seconds and feel the stretch. Now, come back to the neutral position. Then repeat the pose using your left hand and right leg.

6. Standing Y exercise

This is one of the most interesting exercises for the upper body. It is recommended to take the tightest resistance band you may have for this exercise. Hold the resistance band around both your hands and place it between the elbow and palms. Now, raise both your hands towards the ceiling and stand straight with your neck and back aligned. Next, slowly, stretch your hands to both sides, hold the position and bring them back to the initial position. Repeat the position for a few reps.

What are some tips to remember while doing back exercises with resistance bands?

Resistance bands are fairly simple to use, however, if the following steps are followed, it will make the workout journey pain free and easy.
It is always important to feel the complete stretch before releasing a posture and moving to the next. You must keep your mind and body connected.
Repeat each exercise for at least 10 sets with three repetitions.
Keep the body in the correct posture while performing the exercise.
If there is any unusual pain occurring, it is better to check with a professional before continuing the exercise.


Back band exercises using resistance bands are one of the best ways to keep our posture in check. We seldom notice our backs or posture while working our desks, it is important to correct our alignment before it's too late. Different types of exercises can be performed to improve our postures and flexibility such as gymming, yoga, pilates etc. Additionally, for floor exercises, it is good to invest in a superior-quality yoga mat that will protect us from slipping.

Lastly, all of the exercises shared above can be performed while at home or at work since resistance bands are quite simple to carry and easy to use.


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