3 Bicep Workouts & Exercises with Resistance Bands

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Bicep workouts with resistance bands


Resistance bands are stretchy rubber bands of different intensities that are used for exercising. They help your body in strength training, improving flexibility, muscle toning and in a variety of workouts. When you talk about training your upper body, including resistance bands in your workout regime can enhance your workout and give positive results.

Another incredible thing about the inclusion of resistance bands in your training is that it allows you to work out on the go. This means, that whether you are travelling, at your workplace or in the gym, you can include a quick workout anytime and anywhere.

The biceps are an important muscle group in our upper body. Bicep workouts with resistance bands help you tone your upper body, improve the strength and size of your biceps with ease and help you build muscle.

Can you isolate the biceps muscle group?

Resistance bands can help you isolate one muscle group and perform a variety of exercises. It allows you to flex the muscle, tone it and improve the strength and performance of that muscle. You perform 3-4 exercises and each exercise can contain three to four reps that target the biceps.

How can you use a resistance band for bicep curl?

In a bicep curl, you essentially keep your hands by your side and lift them towards your shoulder. This exercise can be done using dumbbells, other weights or resistance bands.
When using resistance bands to perform a bicep curl, place the bands in the middle of your feet and hold the other end of the band in your hands. When you have held the bands in both the hands and fastened them on your feet, align your head, neck and shoulders and stand erect. While ensuring that your elbows are touching the sides of your body, close your fists tightly and pull your fists towards your shoulders and retract them back into the starting position. This is one bicep curl. You can do three to four reps of this workout.

What are the advantages of doing bicep curls with resistance bands?

Bicep curls resistance band workout uses arm strength as well as your back muscles. It tones two muscle groups at the same time and makes them strong. You can improve your performance with every rep by increasing the intensity of the resistance band — just switch to a high resistance band after every rep. This improves the size of your biceps, as well as trains your muscles.

What are the different types of exercises using resistance bands?

There are a variety of exercises you can do to train your biceps using resistance bands. Let's go through a few of them.

1. Hammer Curls with Resistance Bands

To perform the hammer curls workout, place one end of the resistance bands below your feet and the other in your hands, just as in the case of bicep curls. In hammer curls, however, you need to position your fist to represent the shape of a hammer. Now, while ensuring that both elbows are touching the body, pull the resistance bands towards the shoulder and slowly release them back to the starting position.

2. Preacher Curls With Resistance Bands

To perform the preacher curls, a biceps workout with the resistance band, place one end of the resistance band below your feet and the other in your hand. If you choose to start with the right hand, then ensure that the left hand is across your body, and behind the active arm to stabilize it. Now, keep your active hand straight, with a slight bend and your palm facing forward. Pull the resistance band upward and release the pull. Repeat the process and complete three to four reps.

3. Tricep exercise with Resistance Bands

To work on your triceps using the bicep resistance band, stand together with your feet aligned and hold one end of the resistance band at the centre of your back. Reach for the other end of the resistance band with your free arm and secure the grip with your fist. Now, extend the active arm, (the free arm that secured the grip) and pull the resistance band above your head, completely straightening your arm. Then, release the pull and go back to the starting position. Repeat the process and complete three to four reps.

Some tips to remember whole resistance bands while using a resistance band for bicep exercises

  1. Always ensure you perform the full range of motion while working out.
  2. Perform the exercises regularly to observe the changes in your upper arms.
  3. Isolate the muscle groups and perform the workout to receive maximum gains.
  4. Use a good quality resistance band for the biceps to gain maximum benefits.
  5. Do not hurry the exercises while performing them.


A bicep resistance band workout can provide a variety of benefits for our bodies. You can work your whole body using resistance bands. There are different kinds of resistance band exercises for arms, legs, and total body to help you tone and increase your muscle strength. Buying a biceps band is certainly an investment for your health. It is lightweight, comes with multiple attachments and doesn't take up a whole lot of space for storage. The resistance bands can be carried along to work or vacation for quick strength training or flexibility exercise. It is certainly a piece of must-have equipment for workouts.

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