7 Best Resistance Band Tricep Workouts

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7 Best Resistance Band Tricep workouts

Triceps are muscle groups that are on the back of our hands. Resistance bands can be used to develop tension in the triceps and strengthen it. Strengthening our triceps can allow us to become fitter and feel our best.

Why should we use a resistance band tricep workout for triceps?
The tricep is a three-headed muscle that helps move the forearm of the elbow and stabilises the elbow joint. It is one of the most active muscles in the body which also helps in supporting the weight of the arm. A general workout of the body can help you work on the triceps, but if you want visible results, muscle isolation is the best way to tone the tricep muscle. Resistance bands can help in this process and deliver successful results.

How can we target the triceps with ​​a resistance band tricep workout?
In general, when we work any muscle out we add resistance to it by using our body weight, strength or with the help of gravity. Resistance bands help us target particular sections of our body. It sculpts the body and tightens the targeted muscle group. Resistance bands create enough resistance and tension to help our muscles grow.

Some of the Best triceps exercises with resistance bands are

1. Bands Pulldown
In this exercise, you need to hang the band from a loop or secure it somewhere above your head so that it can freely hang. Then, hold both the sides of the band in each palm tightly and place it at your chest level, your arms will be at a 90-degree angle. Now, pull the band downwards to straighten your arms and then bring it back to your chest. Continue these reps for about 20-30 times minimum to gain desired results.

2. Tricep extension
To perform this exercise, place the resistance band on the top of your head and secure it tightly to a wall or a loop. Now, turn your back towards the loop and your face away from the resistance band. Hold the band in both the arms from overhead. Then, flex and straighten your hands and then return to the starting position. Pull the band over your head until your hands are straight and then return to the neutral posture. Continue this rep 20-30 times for desired results.

3. Tricep Pull
In this exercise, stand straight and hold the resistance bands in your hand, parallel to the floor at shoulder length. At this point, your arms hold the band and are placed close to the chest. Now, keep your grip and pull the band away from each other, this will straighten your arms completely. Once your arms are straightened, go back to the neutral position and flex them again. Repeat the pull 20-30 times to gain maximum benefits.

4. Overhead stretch
Overhead stretch for triceps workout with resistance band is quick and simple. First, stand straight and hold the resistance band in both arms over your head. Your hands must be straight and the band must be on your arms. Now slowly, pull the band away from each other, as far as you can and then bring it to the neutral position. Repeat this about 20-30 times to gain desired results.

5. Overhead band extension using two bands
This workout is similar to the overhead band extension, except we will need two bands for this workout. Place one band in each hand and start the workout as you would in the case of the overhead band extension. Having two bands makes the exercise slightly tougher and increases tension on both arms. This variation also adds variety to the workout.

6. One arm pushdown
This exercise is similar to a pushdown, but instead of both arms, you will be using one arm. To practice this posture, secure the band to a wall, or to a point over your head. Then, hold the band in one hand and face in the direction opposite to the placement of the resistance band. Now, pull the band with one arm by extending the arm completely and then bring it back to the neutral position or a 90-degree angle. Repeat the process with the other arm to balance it out. Complete 20-30 reps on both sides to complete the workout.

7. Rowing
Another tricep exercise with resistance bands that can help you strengthen your muscles is rowing. Sit down on the floor with your legs stretched out and close to each other. Hold the ends of the bands in both your hands and place the band on the centre of your feet. Adjust your placement, bend slightly in the front in the beginning and pull the band towards yourself. Then keep your back straight and pull the band towards yourself, hold for a few seconds and release. Repeat 20-30 times.

Incorporating resistance bands in your workout can be a smart way to include a variety in your workout. Resistance bands add tension to the targeted muscle group and strengthen the muscles and help them grow. If you include tricep exercises with resistance bands along with regular yoga exercises, you will notice an improvement in your body strength. Having said that, it is also important to maintain the health of your body by eating right and drinking water at regular intervals throughout the day.


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