Stunning and Functional Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees in 2022

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 Stunning and Functional Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

The word “Gift” or present has the strength to instantly bring a smile to all our faces. Whether they are small or big, gifts almost always cheer up the receiver and corporate gifts are no different. Corporate gifts are a general corporate tradition. They are given out for various reasons depending on the corporate culture, but more so during festivals, birthdays, special occasions and as a thank you to the employees.

Coming up with ideas for corporate gifts for employees can be a tough job for employers. Some boundaries need to be maintained when it comes to the type of gifts and budgeting needs to be done well. However, that doesn’t mean that an employees' hard work will go unnoticed, companies always strive to design the best gift packages for the employees. We also know that a little help goes a long way, so we are here to help you come up with some of the best corporate gift ideas for employees. These gifts are stylish yet functional and have high durability.

Let’s understand how to come up with corporate employee gifts that everyone will love:

What you should and shouldn’t do when deciding ​​on office gift ideas for staff?

1. Think of Personalized gift ideas for employees

It is always a great feeling to be recognised for your hard work. When the gift has a personal touch, the employees' morale increases and so does their willingness to work. A welcome card, a thank you note or a small message on the gift all count as a personal touch, the employers know the interests of the employee, and they may even gift something that they know the individual might use such as sports gear, stationary etc. Care must be taken that the gift is not too personal nor are they too generic.

2. The gift shouldn’t be a marketing gimmick

A corporate gift to an employee does have the logo or branding of the company. However, care must be taken that this branding does not take away the essence of the gift itself. A small logo here and there with the name of the employee embossed is actually a good idea. For example, to welcome new employees, the company can give them customizable superior-quality water bottles. This will ensure two things, that employees are welcomed into the company, with branded bottles and second, it will motivate them to take care of their health and stay hydrated.

3. Keep a budget but do not compromise on quality

It's true, corporate gifting to multiple employees can sometimes turn out to be expensive for companies. Gifting ideas can be developed if there is a good enough budget for it, but this does not mean that the quality of the gifts can be compromised. It is alright if the company cannot give luxurious gifts, but at least they must be durable. If a gift breaks in the first use itself this does not leave a good impression on the employees.

Corporate gifting ideas for mid to top-level employees

The nature and the type of the gifts can vary depending upon the experience level of the employees. These depend upon the organisational hierarchy, experience level, number of years in the organisation and other factors. Some gift ideas for middle-level or managerial-level employees could include slow juicers or air fryers. Both these options are priced slightly on the higher side and can be suitable for employees who have dedicated a certain amount of their time to the company.

Some popular gifting options are:

  1. A stationary set with diary, pens, sticky notes etc.
  2. A health kit such as a yoga mat, water bottle, skipping rope, exercise bands and weighing scale
  3. Electric kettles, speakers, earphones, USB pins and such gadgets.
  4. Gift cards to various e-commerce websites can also be a great option for gifting.

When is the right time to give corporate gifts to employees?

Usually, festivals, company anniversaries, New Year and such prominent events are chosen by companies to give employees something special. This takes quite a bit of planning, budgeting and sourcing before the gifts are finally brought in and sent out to the employees. Gifting on special days makes it even more special for the employees, it is something they will always remember the company for.

How to send bulk gifts to employees?

Planning in advance can save the company a lot of worries and last-minute stress. The department responsible for this can decide on the numbers, source the gift in advance, ensure it is packaged well and then also ensure a personalised note has been added to each of the gifts. The special note or message is what adds the “wow” factor to the gift. The gift can then be sent out to the employees at their official address or personal address if they are working from home. Sending the gift out before the actual event is essential to avoid any mishaps.


Corporate gifting is a fantastic initiative taken up by companies. Not only does it increase employee morale, but it also makes them feel like they are a part of the company. Corporate gifts have been a tradition among companies for years, but over the years the style of gifting has evolved. Today, the gifts are chosen based on their functionality and quality, they don’t just sit on top of the shelf, employees actually use the gifts given by employers.

So gifting is an art, that is true. It's also perfectly okay if the artist, which is the employer, in this case, receives a little nudge to find the perfect gift for their employees!

Happy Gifting!

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