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Philips Airfryer v/s Solara Airfryer - Buyer’s Guide of 2022

Philips Airfryer v/s Solara Airfryer - Buyer’s Guide of 2022 - Solara Home

Philips Airfryer vs Solara Airfryer  - Buyer’s Guide of 2022 

Eating healthy does not always have to come at the cost of taste or flavour of the food. Off late, the Airfryer has become the go-to gadget of most households and for all the right reasons. An air fryer requires minimum to no oil and cooks delicious and nutritious food within no time. While there are tons of brands in the market out there, how would you know to pick the right one for you?

Since we know how important it is to have a gadget that is right for you and suits all your requirements, we have drawn a comparison between the Philips Digital Air fryer and the Solara Air fryer to make this purchase easy for you.

Difference Between Solara Digital Large Air Fryer and Philips Air Fryer HD9200/90

Solara Digital Large Air Fryer :

solara Digital Air Fryer

Comes with 8 Preset Options

The SOLARA air fryer comes with not five or six but eight preset options that allow you to cook any dish of your choice. Designed to be used in an Indian kitchen, the Solara 5.5-litre air fryer comes with seven presets to make your life simple and one custom mode that allows you to cook the food exactly at the temperature and timer setting you like. Since the temperature and time in these presets are already given, all you need to do is choose the item of your choice, place it in the air fryer and switch on the preset. Then, wait for the timer to go off and enjoy your healthy meal.

Made with Safe Materials

Manufactured using dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and BPA free materials. The SOLARA digital air fryer comes with a non-stick basket that is removable and simple to use. You can easily place your food item in the inner basket, switch on any of the presets and cook your meal.

 Xtra Large Non-Stick Basket for Easy Use

This SOLARA gadget is easily one of the best air fryer brands to have in your home. Its 5.5-litre capacity basket allows you to cook and serve meals to 4-6 people easily. Whether you have a dinner to host or a get together at home, the extra-large air fryer is the only companion you need by your side. To put it simply, there is enough space in the basket to fry about a kg of fries or 3-4 kgs of chicken

Designed with Anti Skid bottom

The Solara air fryer reviews say that the air fryer comes with an anti-skid bottom; it is true! The legs of the air fryer come with a rubber bottom so that it does not shift whilst cooking the food item. The grip is strong and secures the air fryer tightly in its position.

Has a Dishwasher-safe basket

While the basket is made from non-stick materials to make the cleaning and maintenance process easy, it is also dishwasher safe. Unlike its counterparts, the SOLARA air fryer baskets can be detachable from the handle and easily washed in a dishwasher.

Designed for Oil-Free Cooking

Unlike the traditional frying methods, SOLARA, one of the best air fryers in India uses 85% less oil to fry food items. Whilst cooking you can add little or no oil to the food and expect excellent results each time.

Easy Cleaning and Low Maintenence

Low maintenance, easy to clean air fryers by SOLARA is an asset you need in your kitchen if you love to eat healthily. The basket can be washed using warm water or easily be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Warranty Policy

The SOLARA Air fryer comes with a 1.6 years warranty guaranteed. Get home this gadget and start cooking already!

Philips Air Fryer

Philips Air Fryer

A multitude of Cooking Functions

A Philips digital air fryer can be used to cook a variety of dishes. Not only can you fry items using less amount of oil, but you can also bake, reheat, grill and roast food using an air fryer.

Comes with the Incredible Fat Removal and Rapid Air Technology

The Philips air fryer's latest model not only utilizes 90% less oil as compared to its competitors, but it also comes with a fat removal technology. Yes! The air fryer traps excess oil from the food so you can consume a nutritious meal.

Touch Screen with Seven Presets

This is one of the best Philips air fryers out there. It comes with a simple digital touch panel with seven different presets for usage. From cooking to baking to grilling to frying to can do pretty much everything using the presets.


Super simple to use, the Philips air fryer is made from dishwasher-safe materials. It is non-sticky in nature and quite low on maintenance.

Auto Shut-Off Feature

The Philips air fryer comes with an auto-shutoff feature. This means that as soon as the food is cooked the air fryer turns off to avoid any overcooking of food.

Features a Ready Signal

The air fryer features a ready signal indicator that notifies the customer that the food had been cooked.

Easy to Use and Maintain

The Philips air fryer can be used for Indian cooking and is quite simple to use. It comes with seven presets and custom options for cooking all your favourite items as and when you like!

Designed to be Used With a Cord Storage

The air fryer by Philips comes with a cord and needs to be plugged in for usage. After using the cord can easily be stored in the storage part.

Temperature Control Range

The Philips air fryer offers a wide range of temperature options for cooking food. Starting from 80-200 degrees, the temperature is range option allows us to cook a multitude of dishes from pizzas, to chicken, to fish and even bake cakes.

Warranty Policy

The Philips air fryer comes with a 2-year warranty.

Technical Specifications ( Solara Vs Philips )


Solara Air Fryer

Philips Digital Air Fryer HD9252/90 

Cooking Capacity

5.5 Liter

4.1 Liter

Temperature Range

180℉ -400℉

80℉ -200℉

Max Time

30 minutes

30 minutes


Rapid air technology

Rapid air technology

Cooking Presets




2 kgs

4.54 Kg


‎36 x 30 x 30 cm

33.8 x 33.8 x 35.5 cm





Rs. 7,299

RS. 7,499


How to Choose the Correct Air Fryer (Buying Guide)

Air fryers are a total rage these days. Most households have a minimum of one air fryer for sure. With almost 7-8 preset options, air fryers allow us to cook, fry, roast and bake the best of the food items quick and easy with minimum to no oil.

While buying the best air fryers in India, lookout for:

Size: Air fryers are available in a variety of sizes, from 3.5 litres to -5.5 litres and more. Depending on the number of family members, your cooking frequency and your budget, you can make your purchase

Budget: Air fryers are a slightly expensive but worthy investment. Take a look at your budget and decide upon the brand and model accordingly prior to purchase.

Temperature control: It is better to have an air fryer with a higher temperature range to be able to help you cook your food faster and correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Fryer

1. Do we need to Preheat our Air Fryer?
No, you do not need to preheat the air fryer before. Although some brands do have models that allow for preheating function, this is not a mandate in any way.

2. Should I Use Oil in my Air Fryer?
Yes, you can use 1-2 spoons in the air fryer if you would like, however, it is not a compulsion to add oil to your air fryer.

3. Is It Possible to Find Recipes That I Can Cook in my Air Fryer?
Yes, most brands give a recipe book along with the air fryer. SOLARA for instance gives free recipe books and an e-book with over 100+ varieties, so you can cook a variety of dishes.

4. What is the Best Meal to Cook Using an Air Fryer?
Honestly, you can cook a variety of dishes in the air fryer. Fish, chicken and fries are some of the most common items that have been tried and have delivered excellent results.

5.What's better, actifry or air fryer?
Actifry has minimal options for cooking. In comparison, an air fryer has a variety of options. You can cook, bake, roast and fry using an air fryer.


In conclusion, we would like to say that there are a variety of options available for an air fryer in the market. However, Philips and Solara are easily the best brands about the model, capacity, temperature control, time and functionality. We have provided you with a comparison of both the brands for easy decision making.

When choosing an air fryer for you, whether it is among the Philips air fryer models or the SOLARA air fryer ensure that you are well-versed with details of the products
and only when it suits your requirements and needs, make the an informed purchase.


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