7 Health Benefits of Red rice and How to Cook

7 Health Benefits of Red rice  and How to Cook - Solara Home

7 Health Benefits of Red rice  and How to Cook

Rice is commonly considered the enemy when one is trying to concentrate on weight management. However, eating rice in specific quantities has its advantages. While there are thousands of varieties of rice available in the market today we will talk about the benefits of red rice. Red rice takes slightly longer than regular white rice to cook, but it is rich in nutrient content and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Red rice contains an antioxidant called Anthocyanin. This is what gives it a beautiful red colour. It is a water-soluble pigment that is generally found in hulled, and partially hulled varieties of rice.

Let's take a look at some of the health benefits of Red Rice:

1. Red rice for diabetes management

As we know, high blood sugar levels caused by diabetes can have a negative effect on our heart, kidneys and eyes. Having red rice in recommended amounts lowers blood pressure and helps control cholesterol levels in the body. Red rice has a low glycemic index which is 55 and this makes it a good option for diabetics.

2. Cook red rice for improving bone health

If you are constantly dealing with issues with your bone health then incorporating red rice into your diet is a good option. Magnesium and calcium present in red rice can help prevent diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis and other bone-related diseases.

3. Red rice benefits include weight management

If you are working to attain a certain weight goal then you must definitely incorporate red rice into your diet. Red rice contains zero amount of fat, and since it takes a while for our stomach to digest this, it keeps us feeling full for a long duration. You can lose weight without compromising on the nutritional content of your body. Fully cooked red rice contains 45 gms of fat, which means eating this as your meal for lunch or dinner can keep you satiated for a long time.

4. Red rice cooking for good digestion

In general, rice is a good source of fibre, and if it is red rice, it's even better. Consumption of red rice improves digestion, the absorption of nutrients into our body and eases bowel movement. It also flushes out toxins from our bodies and reduces diarrhoea and constipation. One interesting way to ensure that you consume food in sufficient quantities is by using a kitchen weighing scale. This helps you eat rice in recommended amounts and include it in your diet.

5. Red rice cooked for good heart health

Without a doubt, red rice is a good option, if you are facing issues with your heart. This protects the heart by bringing down bad cholesterol in the body.

6. How to cook red rice for a glowing skin

Red rice is pretty simple to cook. Unlike other types of rice, this needs to be soaked for an hour in water before being cooked. Red rice contains anthocyanin, an antioxidant. This cures us from any damage caused by UV rays and also prevents premature ageing. It also contains a bunch of nutrients such as zinc, iron and other vitamins and minerals that help us add a glow to our face.

7. Uses of red rice to improve the functioning of lungs

Having a recommended portion of red rice every day can help us prevent diseases like asthma and pneumonia. It improves our breathing, oxygen regulation, blood circulation and the improves the capacity of our lungs.

How to cook rice and what are its uses?

  • Red rice is quite simple to cook, follow the procedure below to cook the rice:
  • Soak half a bowl of rice in a container for about 20 minutes.
  • Then, rinse and pour the rice into a pressure cooker or a pan. Now, take water that is 2-3 times the quantity of rice and let the red rice boil in this water until you hear whistles or understand that the rice is cooked.
  • You may also add butter or salt to improve the taste. Then serve.
  • Note that red rice can also be used as appetisers and just in the main course.


Indian red rice or red rice in general has quite many benefits. It includes antioxidants, minerals, vitamins b and zinc, calcium, and magnesium. This versatile-looking rice is chewy in flavour, contains fibres and aids weight loss. The nutrient value is high and it is certainly a good choice for weight watchers. Eating red rice benefits us and there are several ways to include it in our diet. It can be cooked in the form of sides, main course and even dessert. You can use a good quality electric rice cooker to help you cook the perfect, fluffy red rice you want!


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